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Is green tea good for its antioxidant qualities to combat tumors?  Do you recommend your patients drink green tea before or after UAE or use other alternative medicines (vitamin/herbal treatments)?

I generally do not recommend any herbal therapies. There is little or no good scientific data on the usefulness of these therapies. While most are harmless, there are some herbal therapies which may even be harmful.  - Robert Worthington-Kirsch, M.D.

If a woman has a problem with being anemic does she have to get this problem corrected before having  a UAE procedure done?  Have you ever had to do a blood transfusion on any of your patients and if so why? - Middletown, PA 

I do not need to have anemia corrected before UAE. Anemia has to be corrected before surgery because there may be significant blood loss. However, there is essentially no blood loss with UAE. I have to date never had to transfuse a patient before or after UAE.  - Robert Worthington-Kirsch, M.D.

Will uterine fibroids go away by themselves? 

After menopause a woman no longer has circulating estrogen, so fibroids will decrease in size and severity.  However, Hormone Replacement Therapy may supply enough estrogen to keep fibroids going in some women.  Before menopause, uterine fibroids will not go away by themselves.  - Robert Worthington-Kirsch, M.D.

My physician has adopted a "wait and watch" attitude.  My question is, “How long is the waiting period and what would the doctor be watching for?”

There is no need to have a sonogram for fibroids so small that MRI can’t clearly identify them. Fibroids do not require treatment unless they cause symptoms.  They are not the kind of tumor where a “preemptive strike” is useful.  If you have fibroids and no symptoms then the fibroids are not significant to your health. - Francis L. Hutchins, Jr., M.D.

Can you live with uterine fibroids or must you always have them removed? 

In general, if the fibroids are not causing any symptoms they require no therapy.  - Robert Worthington-Kirsch, M.D.

I am looking for info on how to get rid of a large calcified fibroid?  I had a UFE for 3 tumors - two disappeared and one calcified. It seems like there should be some kind of laparoscopic means to make it disintegrate.  

Calcification is the natural fate of fibroids. It is normal for a fibroid to calcify after infarcting (whether after menopause or after UAE). The simple presence of a calcified fibroid is not an indication for any treatment.  If there are still symptoms, then the patient should discuss the issue with her IR.  - Robert Worthington-Kirsch, M.D.

How long has Uterine Artery Embolization been performed in the United States? 

One of the most effective treatments for bleeding is to stop the blood supply to the area that is bleeding by blocking the vessels from the   inside, this is known as “embolization.”  Embolization of the arteries to  the uterus has been used as a treatment for severe uterine bleeding after surgery or childbirth since at least the late 1970s. Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) was first used as a treatment for fibroids in France  in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s and the first report was published in Lancet in 1995.  Drs. Goodwin (IR) and McLucas (Gyn) started performing UAE for fibroids in Los Angeles in the first quarter of 1996.  Dr. Francis Hutchins, Jr., a Gynecologist associated with Dr. Kirsch, saw an article by Dr. McLucas and asked me to perform UAE   in the second half of 1996. 

UAE has an extensive track record of safety and efficacy for other  causes of bleeding.  When I started to offer UAE there was already  more than five years experience in France with treatment of fibroids by UAE.   - Robert Worthington-Kirsch, M.D.

Do you recommend not taking certain herbs or vitamins before having the UAE procedure done?  If so, when should a woman stop using these supplements?

There is some evidence that St Johns Wort and Echinacea may make bleeding worse after an invasive procedure. I generally ask patients to stop taking these preparations several days before the UAE.  - Robert Worthington-Kirsch, M.D.

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 Uterine fibroid discovery and beginning research process  (Page 3)

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