$ 100 million to strengthen women’s empowerment, access to electricity and fiscal management

WASHINGTON, December 16, 2021 – The World Bank today approved $ 100 million in funding from the International Development Association (IDA) * to help the government of Benin empower women and girls, expand access to reliable energy and sustainability and improve fiscal and debt management.

This is the first development policy operation to finance reforms aimed at significantly improving the empowerment of women and girls in the medium term. These reforms strengthen referral services for women victims of discrimination or violence, improve judicial treatment of gender-based violence and promote better access to sexual and reproductive health services. The program also supports actions aimed at promoting Benin’s gradual transition to renewable energy sources and access to electricity in rural areas. It will also enable measures to increase domestic revenue mobilization and strengthen debt management capacity.

“This the support will help Benin empower women and girls by creating an institutional framework to promote and protect women’s rights and their active, safe and productive participation in social, economic and political life life,” noted Atou Seck, Country Manager for Benin.This will also put in place the right reforms and the right tools to prevent gender-based violence and ensure access to sexual and reproductive services. health. “

“The The government of Benin is firmly committed to promoting the rights and empowerment of women. Women are at the heart of economic and social life and the strengthening of public policies in favor of women and girls is an important lever for inclusion. growth, ”said Romuald Wadagni, Minister of State, Minister of the Economy and Finance. “This The support will also make it possible to consolidate the efforts of the Government of Benin to provide quality electricity accessible to all but also to mobilize more internal resources to finance the development of Benign. “

The new funding was designed in line with the Beninese government’s Action Plan, and in particular the National Development Plan (2020-2025), which includes a pillar focused on fertility reduction to take advantage of the demographic dividend. It is also part of the Bank’s partnership with Benin, whose areas of intervention are: structural transformation of the economy for competitiveness and productivity, strengthening of human capital and support for resilience and reducing vulnerability to climate change.

* The World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA), established in 1960, helps the world’s poorest countries by providing grants and loans at low or no interest rates for projects and programs that stimulate economic growth, reduce poverty and improve the lives of the poor. IDA is one of the most important sources of assistance for the 76 poorest countries in the world, including 39 in Africa. IDA resources are making positive change for the 1.6 billion people who live in IDA countries. Since 1960, IDA has supported development work in 113 countries. Annual commitments have averaged around $ 21 billion over the past three years, of which around 61 percent has gone to Africa.

Mara R. Wilmoth