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Airmen through Air Force Global Strike Command united both virtually and in person for the 2022 AFGSC Women’s Leadership Symposium on April 12-13. The hybrid option allowed more than 300 Airmen from across the Department of Defense to participate in the event.

The symposium’s mission, to foster an inclusive community within Air Force Global Strike Command that enables all personnel to lead as themselves, provided guest speakers, military and civilian, to speak about authenticity.

“As authentic leaders, we are encouraged to give our all to our teams; engage and have tough conversations,” said Major Ashley Hazel, AFGSC Budget Analyst and WLS 2022 Committee Chair. experiences and connect with each other.

Authentic leadership was explored through this year’s objectives:

– Embrace our vision and desired goal – who do you see yourself and who do you want to be?

– Eliminate barriers and the feeling of being less or having to be more than you are in order to succeed.

– Regain confidence in the multiple identities that we carry as women.

– Have the courage to question and have difficult conversations.

– Be the leader you want to be!

The main speaker, Air Force Undersecretary Gina Ortiz Jonesspoke with attendees about bringing back experiences at events such as WLS and lessons learned in their workspaces and throughout the Department of the Air Force.

“We obviously can’t be in every organization,” Jones said. “That’s where you all come in, making sure we live up to our core values ​​and doing everything we can to get the most out of our Airmen, Guardians and civil servants”.

The theme focused on finding the courage and confidence to truly lead and strengthen our bonds as soldiers.

One attendee, Renee Faller, Supply Analyst from 509 Contracting Squadron, shared her experience at the symposium. “My biggest lesson from WLS 2022 was not to let lack of representation stop me from achieving my dreams, taking on new tasks or paving the way for others.”

AFGSC engages with personnel at all levels to ensure Airmen are properly trained, equipped, and families are supported – to promote Striker culture and encourage Airmen to proudly be their authentic selves.

“I am excited about our culture of inclusion which embraces the diversity within AFGSC – not just gender, ethnicity or race…also diversity of authenticity, thought, experience, knowledge and background,” said General Anthony J. Cotton, Commander of the AFGSC. “Through events like this, we celebrate our people – they are the foundation of every system, mission and output of our command.”

Mara R. Wilmoth