5 quotes from Mimi Chakraborty on women’s safety and her choice of roles

Mimi Chakraborty is an Indian actress, singer and politician. She is a popular face in Bengali films and television. His first film was Champion. Some of his other films include Bojhena Shey Bojhena, Khaad, Golpo Holeo Shotti and much more. Before starting her acting career, she was a model for a short time. Her political journey began in 2019 when she ran for Jadavpur Lok Sabha constituency as a member of Congress from Trinamool.

Chakraborty has always stood out for her choice of roles. As a Member of Parliament, she sees it as her supreme duty to ensure the safety and well-being of women.

Here are Mimi Chakraborty’s quotes on women’s safety and her choice of roles

Women’s safety

“Please note that this is not just the safety of women, but the overall safety of our fellow citizens, regardless of who they are. This is our party’s top priority.

On women and children

“Even if I were not a woman, the needs of women and children would have been high on my priority list. I don’t want anyone, whether children, men or women, to be in danger. So yes, we will make sure everything is taken care of to ensure the safety and security of our people. “

On the Women’s Reservation Bill

Speaking about the women’s reservations bill, Chakraborty told Citizen Matters, “Yeah, I sure want to push for this bill. It would be a very important step towards empowering women in India. There are several issues that require serious consideration and policy change in order to improve the condition of women and children in our country.

On playing strong, independent characters

“I’m more comfortable with strong, independent characters. Staying in my comfort zone is a key aspect of my decisions. And I have often seen directors throw myself into such characters where the girl is tough enough to face the harsh reality of our society. But it’s not that I won’t do other roles. But it must be worth it. “

In case of failure

“Failure gives me the biggest kick to retaliate. See, I’ve done a lot of movies that I knew from the start that they weren’t going to make it at the box office. I refused films that were successful but the character that was offered to me did not seem convincing. This is how I work. Failure is part of life, not the end, ”she told TOI.

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