At MANCOSA, the value of empowering women in leadership matters

The new ways of working in the economy are not based on physical strength, but on skills that come naturally to women, such as determination, attention to detail and measured thinking.

This was highlighted at an annual women’s leadership event held virtually in partnership with Aspire Solutions and hosted by MANCOSA, a private higher education institution.

This event was created to allow women to collaborate, engage and network with other inspiring women and to allow women to feel motivated and encouraged.

Several women shared their success stories with participants to inspire other women to step up their game in business and explore new opportunities, particularly in the areas of sustainability, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM).

Ayanda Dlamini, a South African radio DJ, TV presenter and MC, was born and raised in Cape Town, attended an all-girls school and later graduated with a performing arts degree.

The motivational speaker said that she enrolled in the distance learning institution, MANCOSA, where she took a short course in advanced social media marketing.

Dlamini graciously hosted the women’s leadership event where she said, “When women come together and share thoughts and ideas, the world changes for the better. Knowledge feeds the mind, and when we know better, we do better.

“If you want to grow, you have to get out of your comfort zone.”

She plans to pursue a degree in business management at MANCOSA.

All ticket proceeds from the event were donated to the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust, South Africa’s oldest non-profit organization supporting rape survivors on the road to recovery.

Nuhraan Sambo, Academic Strategy Manager at MANCOSA, said, “The event is a project close to my heart and I am grateful to have shared time with dynamic speakers.

“MANCOSA encourages women’s empowerment at all levels, and this event is one such platform that promotes this agenda. We can only move forward and upward from here.

“The women showed a real willingness to listen to experts from the wider business world. The world is now seeing women from other fields join higher positions and take on more responsible roles.

Mushfiqoh Samodien, Chief Commercial Officer at Aspire Solutions, said: “Congratulations to MANCOSA for hosting a successful virtual event to benefit Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust.

“It was truly an honor to be a partner in such a noble cause. Our goals have brought hope and empowered women. May we continue to make a difference, one step at a time.

Sam Gqom, Founder and Director of the Womandla Foundation, a non-profit organization that informs, empowers and equips women and girls by building sustainable communities, said: “I decided to participate in the webinar on the leadership of women to share my knowledge and experiences of leading a women’s organization.

“MANCOSA seeks to empower and educate others with knowledge, and this also reflects the values ​​of the Womandla Foundation.”

Mara R. Wilmoth