AZA Finance African Women’s Leadership Program Launch Begins This Month

The African Women’s Leadership Program launched by AZA Finance, a financial technology company, in partnership with Naaw by Beautiful Soul, a digital leadership development platform, began operations earlier on Tuesday.

The program titled “Growing Africa’s Future Leaders in Fintech” aims to increase the percentage of African women in fintech and equip them with tools to increase their chances of reaching leadership positions.

The program will bring together African women interested in the financial technology sector to mentor, train and coach them.

The nine-month training program will include group coaching sessions, group mentoring sessions with Azawatus – self-coaching exercises – and online challenges.

Monthly activities will include a two-hour group coaching or mentoring session every first Tuesday of the month, a self-coaching exercise or challenge, and a 15-minute online check-in each month on the Naaw community platform.

According to “Naaw by Beautiful Soul” team member Fatuma Sokona, the training began with a coaching session on “Navigating the Fintech World as a Woman”. Interested participants can register via this link:

Elizabeth Rossiello, Founder and Managing Director of AZA Finance, said: “AZA Finance’s vision is to create a strong pipeline of African women with C-level potential for the fintech industry. As an employer, they are truly dedicated to empowering women and aspire to promote women as much as possible in leadership positions.

“Given the nature of the industry, AZA is particularly keen to attract women with a background in engineering and product management to the program.

“She is also interested in data analysis / business intelligence and customer service. These women must have experience in very dynamic environments (start-ups, consulting) within the technological or financial industries.

She added that she aspires to create opportunities for African women to become leaders, not only at AZA Finance but in the fintech industry in general.

“We are the pool of female talent to benefit from this nine-month online program designed and delivered by leadership and fintech experts that includes training, mentoring and coaching. Find people who share your values, connect with them and stay together, connect with us, ”she said.

Sharing her experience with AZA Finance, Chief Revenue Officer Meryem Habibi said she was inspired to join AZA because of the value and culture she brings to growing and educating women.

“AZA is interested in the growth of women and involves everyone in decision-making, which gives women a sense of belonging because they know that their efforts are recognized and their contribution to the result of the work”, a- she declared.

The head of human operations at AZA Finance, Premo Ojokojo, also reaffirmed that AZA is a place of growth, especially for women eager to advance their careers.

She explained, however, that career growth or professional success is not always about moving from one level of position to another, but how much the individual has grown, the responsibility is taken, the opportunities presented and how they are presented. impact or influence decisions.

“The opportunities here are open to everyone. The first thing that caught my attention at AZA is that about 50% of management teams are women, and I think women are the best managers. Here we respect the value you add to organizational growth and give you the platform to be you, ”she added.

Mara R. Wilmoth