AZA Finance partners with Naaw By Beautiful Soul to launch African Women’s Leadership Program

AZA Finance, a financial technology company founded in Nairobi, in partnership with Beautiful Soul, a digital leadership development platform, is set to launch its leadership program for African women on Thursday, November 11, 2021 at 5 p.m.

The program, titled “Growing Africa’s Future Leaders in Fintech”, aims to increase the percentage of African women in fintech and equip them with tools to increase their chances of reaching leadership positions.

The program will bring together African women interested in the fintech sector and will mentor, train and coach them.

So far, the approximately nine-month training program has selected 250 women who have signed up for mentoring and tomorrow’s launch will kick off the process. Other women who have wished to join the training can participate in Thursday’s webinar to register and will have the opportunity to receive concrete ideas for their career.

According to the organizers, women, especially African women, face significant challenges in moving up through the leadership ranks in the FinTech sector and they believe that providing basic soft skills as well as professional skills will provide them the tools they need to succeed in their professional life. and personal life while creating a positive impact in the industry and the continent.

Requirements for the program

Interested persons must have an interest or work in FinTech, be African, bilingual (English required) and must have experience / training in engineering, product management, data analysis, business intelligence analysis and customer service.

Register for the kick-off meeting which will take place Thursday at 5 p.m. (GMT) to learn more about the leadership program.

AZA Finance is a Fintech company founded in Nairobi in 2013 and has since grown from a currency trading platform to a global financial services company, expert in frontier markets and currencies. AZA’s goal is to enable businesses in more than 115 countries to speed up their operations in border markets with better foreign exchange, treasury, payments and last-mile settlement services.

Based in Dakar, Senegal, Naaw by Beautiful Soul is a digital leadership development platform for women working in organizations through tools such as coaching, mentoring and training. He believes in the ability of women to effectively manage transitions in order to bring their skills, capacities and leadership to shape responsive, inclusive and supportive societies.

Thus, thanks to our support, women can unleash their potential, develop their careers and find a well-balanced professional and personal life.

Mara R. Wilmoth