BRI Group is moving towards financial inclusion by supporting women’s empowerment in Indonesia

The event was attended by Erick Thohir, indonesia Minister of State Enterprises (BUMN); Rofikoh Rokhim, vice-president-commissioner of the BRI; Sunarso, CEO of BRI; catur Boudi Harto; Executive Vice President of BRI; BIS Board of Directors; Permodalan National Madani (PNM); Pegadian; and 7,000 workers made up of 5,000 Mekaar PNM account agents; 1,000 Mekaar PNM clients, 500 BRI (Mantri) micro-bank advisors and 500 Pegadaian assessors; as good as Cinta Laura KiehlBrand Ambassador of BRI, and Via Vallen, Brand Ambassador of PNM.

Women’s empowerment and gender equality are key to achieving financial inclusion in the country. “Women have a critical role in transforming the BUMN ecosystem into Indonesia. This is why women leaders in BUMN have exceeded 15%,” Erick said.

On the same occasion, Sunarso also said that the BRI is always open to helping women reach their full potential. “In 2021, 38,942 or 34.8% of BRI’s 113,262 employees were female workers, and 822 employees or approximately 23.11% of job formations occupy BIS management and board levels” , he explained.

BRI continues to empower women micro-small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) entrepreneurs so that they can be sustainable, through the Ultra Micro Holdings (UMi), comprised of BRI, Pegadaian and PNM, as they play a important role in achieving financial inclusion in Indonesia.

In 2022, the KPIs set for UMi Holdings include serving 5 million new customers in the Ultra-Micro segment, implementing 100% cashless opening at PNM and Pegadaian, creating 1,000 colocations Senyum (Ultra-Micro Service Centers), and 500,000 product references Senyum Mobile and acquisition of 60,000 members to become BRILink agents.

BRI strategies include accelerating Senyum Colocation, improved business processes at PNM and Pegadaian, increased use of Senyum Mobile app and capabilities of 75,000 BRI Mantri, PNM Account Agent and Pegadaian Assessors.

“For effective execution, it is necessary to have an effective collective behavior, in line with the core value of BUMN, AKHLAK. To further encourage this, cultural activation programs on the theme BRIGADE MADANI have been implemented”, Sunarso said.

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SOURCE PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI)

Mara R. Wilmoth