Byrd High School Ambassador promotes female empowerment on campus and in the community

SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) — A young woman spends her time giving back to others. She’s a campus leader with a passion for helping women who remind them to “Think Like a Queen.”

Regan Davis is a senior at Byrd High School where she maintains a 4.6 GPA, part of the National Honor Society, Student Council, and more. Her peers voted her 2021 Byrd Homecoming Queen and she is the captain of the Byrd High-Stepper Dance Team. She is president of Girl Up, a school group that connects girls on campus with each other and promotes positivity.

“We educate young girls and empower women. Feel good and promote mental health because you know we sometimes don’t talk about it comfortably,” Davis said.

She tries to be a positive role model for young students, girls and boys, but says they end up inspiring her.

“The girls they connect with and inspire me. They tell me stories about things I would never know and how they can be comfortable being vulnerable about what it feels like to not always feeling confident, not always feeling like you’re having the best day, but trying and working on yourself is all you can ask for,” Davis said.

Her inspiration for Girl Up came after her own struggles with self-confidence and navigating school and life.

“I was someone who struggled with social anxiety. Like when I walked into the classrooms, I didn’t feel confident. I was hiding and just didn’t feel like I was to be loved or supported and it was because I was telling myself that in my head,” Davis said.

She got involved in contests and won when she launched the “Think Like a Queen” platform.

“I realized that these doubts and insecurities came from within and not from others. I realized that if I changed my mindset, if I changed the way I saw myself and if I had love for myself, that’s all that mattered and that ray of light would shine for others said Davis.

Regan is also busy, holding down several jobs, working part-time at a local restaurant, and as a princess for the local business called Cast My Party.

“It’s a privilege. It doesn’t sound like a job to me,” Davis said.

She dresses up as Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog and meets young girls and organizes different events.

“It’s really fun because the joy is on their faces and they really believe it. They’re like oh my god, she really is a princess, and it’s just super fun and I love it. I can pretend to be someone else for a day, but also bring someone joy and inspire them,” Davis said.

She brings with her a fulfilling message.

“Princess Tiana has always said hard work and dedication will get you results and get you your goals. I tell them that and being a good princess is about being kind to others,” Davis said.

She is also a choreographer for productions at the Shreveport Little Theater and is part of an ongoing play called Marvelous Wonderettes.

She plans to attend Louisiana Tech for business and after graduation she wants to try the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders because she said dancing is not only fun, but it’s her outlet.

“My goal is dance. I like to dance. Dance is my passion. It’s something that I use as a force to fuel my passion, my goals and my aspirations,” Davis said.

Regan Davis is an inspiration and leader in her school, with a humble heart and a sweet smile that she loves to share with others.

Mara R. Wilmoth