Candidates who support women’s safety in this federal election

More than 200 candidates in the upcoming federal election have pledged to take action for women’s safety if elected to parliament, and 65 candidates are fully committed to committing to a safer future.

Fair Agenda today launched its commitment to a safer future for political candidates. The pledge contains six specific pledges on women’s safety and is endorsed by Rosie Batty AO, as well as organizations such as the National Association of Sexual Assault Services, Australian Women’s Health Network, Alliance Australian Women Against Violence, Women With Disabilities Australia and Change the Record. .

The website Vote for safety tracks political candidates’ commitments (as well as their commitments to future action) and the track records of major parties.

Fair Agenda executive director Renee Carr said Australians want to know the politicians they elect will take action to end gender-based violence.

“One hundred thousand of us marched for justice in the last Parliament; we bring those same concerns to the polls,” Carr said.

“We deserve a parliament that will put our security first. Advocates have been calling for transformative change for years. Solutions do exist: Commitment shows which candidates are willing to commit to what is needed.

“Anyone who cares about women’s safety should ask, have my candidates made the pledge? Are they ready to do what is necessary to create a safer future? »

Former Australian of the Year Rosie Batty AO said it was more important than ever for politicians to act for our safety.

“Solutions exist, experts have presented them – we need everyone running for the next parliament to make meaningful and transformative action a priority,” she said.

Fair Agenda noted the Coalition’s “alarming” record on reforming systems in the women’s safety space, highlighting the abolition of the family court, the decision to hold a parliamentary inquiry opposed by security defenders and the suspension of a working group to combat sexual violence. university violence.

“We need leadership on women’s safety. That means: strengthening prevention efforts, properly funding services, reforming systems that harm survivors, advocating for safer workplaces, and doing what it takes to end gender-based violence,” Carr said.

The commitment

The Commitment to a Safer Future for Candidates has 6 elements:

  1. Do what it takes to end all forms of gender-based violence within a generation
  2. Advocate for strong action to prevent all forms of gender-based violence by
    address its drivers and enablers, including gender inequality.
  3. Lobby for adequate funding for sexual, domestic and family violence specialists
    services – to ensure that everyone involved can access the support they need, and that
    the abusive behavior of the aggressors is reduced.
  4. Vote for better legal and institutional responses for victim-survivors
    people seeking support are helped, not hurt, by systems that should support them.
  5. Vote for safer workplaces by supporting the full implementation of Sex
    Discrimination Commissioner [email protected] recommendations for responding
    sexual harassment at work.
  6. Champion reforms for a safer parliament – ​​including the full implementation of the
    Sex Discrimination Commissioner’s ‘Set the Standard’ recommendations

65 candidates have already made the commitment in full:

Andrew Wilkie MP, Independent, Clark
Nicolette Boele, Independent, Bradfield

Kylea Tink, independent, North Sydney
Kim Rubenstein, Independent, ACT
Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, Australian Greens, TAS
Alana Galli-McRostie, Australian Greens, Goldstein
Alex Breskin, Australian Greens, Isaacs
Apurva Shukla, Australian Greens, Werriwa
Asher Cookson, Australian Greens, Aston
Bill Pheasant, Australian Greens, Menzies
Brendan Clarke, Fusion Party, Berowra
Catherine Robertson, Victorian Socialists, Fraser
Cecily Rosol, Australian Greens, Bass
Celeste Liddle, Australian Greens, Cooper
Chetan Sahai, Australian Greens, Sydney
Colleen Bolger, Victorian Socialists, Melbourne
Danielle Mutton, Australian Greens, Blair
David Deex, Australian Greens, Spence
Dominic WY Kanak, Australian Greens. Wentworth
Elijah Suares, United Australia Party, Bendigo
Ethan Hrnjak, Australian Greens, Mackellar
Gilbert Wilson, Australian Labor Party, Wannon
Greg Elliot, Australian Greens, Mayo
Jack Boddeke, Australian Greens, Lalor
Jade Darko, Australian Greens, Franklin
James Haggerty, Fusion Party, Grayndler
Janet Murray, Australian Greens, Hunter
Janine Rees, Australian Progressives, Ryan
Jennifer Cox, Australian Greens, Kennedy
Jeremy Carter, Australian Greens, Boothby
Jerome Small, Victorian Socialists, Calwell
John Photakis, Australian Greens, Kingston
Kathryn Savery, Australian Greens, Bean
Katie McCusker, Australian Greens, Sturt
Kelly Guenoun, United Australia Party, Petrie
Kim Grierson, Australian Greens, Shortland
Kristyn Glanville, Australian Greens, Warringah
Liz Chase, Australian Greens, Jagajaga
Mandy Nolan, Australian Greens, Richmond
Mat Morgan, Australian Greens, Monash
Max Chandler-Mather, Australian Greens, Griffith
Max Martucci, NL, Hawke
Melissa Stevens, Australian Greens, Lilley

Nadia David, Australian Labor Party, Indi
Natasa Sojic, Australian Greens. Fenner
Neil Cotter, Australian Greens, Rankin
Nicole Thompson, Australian Greens, Wright
Patrick Deegan, Australian Labor Party, Page
Piers Mitchem, Australian Greens, Kooyong
Rebecca Galdies, Australian Greens, Adelaide
Sarah Jefford, Australian Greens, Wills
Sarah Russell, Freelancer, Flinders
Scott Hardiman, United Australia Party, Kooyong
Sonya Semmens, Australian Greens, Higgins
Steph Hodgins-May, Australian Greens, Macnamara
Stephen Bates, Australian Greens, Brisbane
Suzette Radoreda, Australian Greens, Gellibrand
Tim Hollo, Australian Greens, Canberra
Victor Kline, NL, North Sydney
Andrea Leong, Fusion Party, New South Wales
Brandon Selic, Fusion Party, Queensland
David Kennedy, Fusion Party, South Africa
Drew Wolfendale, Fusion Party, South Africa
Felix Dance, Socialist Alliance, VIC
Tim Viljoen, Fusion Party, WA

Another 168 candidates participated in the Pledge for a Safer Future.

Visit the Vote for Safety website here.

Featured image: Kylea Tink, Celeste Liddle and Kim Rubenstein.

Mara R. Wilmoth