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In its second digital incarnation, the 2021 CEW Women’s Leadership Awards honored a slew of beauty leaders and executives for their contributions to the industry.

The ceremony, which took place on September 9, was a continuation of the organization’s pivot towards digital content and networking opportunities.

“It was pretty shocking to stop doing in-person events and really see what had benefits,” said CEW President Carlotta Jacobson. “What we’ve been able to do is actually add more knowledge and more networking, even more than when they were live.”

For this particular event, which grew out of the CEW Achiever Awards, giving members access to senior executives was a key goal. “What’s really different about the awards this year as well is that we’re able to provide our members with a unique networking and knowledge section, where 50 of our former directors and executives will take part in one-on-one sessions with members.”

Another novelty of the event was the focus on video content. “We do a lot of videos, which tell a different kind of story about high achievers. Typically, there would be an industry leader introducing them and telling their story,” Jacobson said.

“The difference is that by doing it in this video, they talk a lot more about their struggles, their regrets, and the interviews are really inspiring because they’re more personal, more accessible, and a lot of people come because they want to know how they got to where they are. People learn a lot about who these women are and why they joined them,” she continued.

Among the winners of the 2021 Achiever Awards were Monica Arnaudo, Director of Merchandising, Ulta Beauty; Gail Boyé, senior vice president, product development at BareMinerals and corporate innovation and commercialization, Shiseido; Lela Coffey, vice president, North America, hair care and multicultural beauty, P&G Beauty; Cara Sabin, Managing Director, Sundial Brands; Lisa Sequino, cosmetics manager; Holly Thaggard, founder of Supergoop!, and JuE Wong, CEO of Olaplex.

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Madonna Badger, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Badger & Winters, was also honored; and Stéphane Rinderknech, Chairman and CEO of L’Oréal USA, winner of Corporate Empowerment for Women (CEW).

“For Madonna, the criteria for this award is that the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award is truly someone who has dedicated their life and career to improving the way women work. For her, it’s about how women are represented,” Jacobson said. “Madonna, after losing her daughters, said she was inspired to change the way the world views women. She thinks it’s important to stand up for the fact that women shouldn’t look like objects.

“I am deeply honored,” Badger said in a statement. “But as wonderful as it may be to be recognized by this incredible CEW Lifetime Achievement Award, for me it’s really about the work and its impact on our world, big and small, better than we found it. : more courageous, more filled with love and hope and light, more dedicated to the values ​​we believe in. “Those who can – should” became my passion.

Rinderknech’s efforts for gender parity at L’Oreal USA were a key factor in her honor, Jacobson said. “In 2010, only 30% of their strategic leadership were women. By 2019, the company is committed to increasing this figure to 45%, and under his leadership, there are more than 50% women in the management committee,” she quoted. “This is the highest level of gender equity in the business — 70% of L’Oréal USA’s workforce is female. The company is serious about the advancement of women.

Here and in the pages that follow, this year’s class of Achievers discuss career advancement and the factors that helped them rise to the top.


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