CM calls on police to ensure women’s safety, eradication of drug mafia and control of cybercrimes

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Friday posed major challenges for the state police, such as ensuring the safety of women, eradicating the drug mafia and controlling cybercrimes. The Chief Minister was addressing police officials and staff here on Madhya Pradesh Police Foundation Day.

“Whatever responsibility has been given to the Madhya Pradesh police, it has been fulfilled with efficiency, steadfastness, dedication to duty and responsibility,” he said. He said there was not one but several achievements of the state police that he, as the chief minister and people of the state, are proud of.

Recalling the police services, Chouhan said that 877 staff members achieved martyrdom from 1956 to 2020 while carrying out their duties with indomitable courage and dedication. These police officers have established a great tradition of ensuring the safety of the people of the state, he added.

He said it was the result of police actions that the dacoit rifles failed to open fire in the Chambal area and that a new development story is being written. The network of the Naxalites had been severed. The SIMI network had also been demolished.

He said that in Simhastha, too, the police set a wonderful example in discharging their civil obligations while maintaining law and order. During the corona pandemic crisis, police officers risked their lives to protect people’s lives and many of them sacrificed themselves.

He said: “The police managed to evacuate people risking their lives during devastating floods in Chambal. Whether it is times of crisis or public order or law enforcement during festivals, the police are involved in all difficult situations and are on duty.

He said many new programs have been started by the state government. Dial-100 was one of them. This had made rapid action possible. At the same time, an initiative to reserve 30% of police posts for girls has been taken by Madhya Pradesh in the country.

Parade held on the occasion of Police Foundation Day at Motilal Nehru Stadium, Lal Parade, in Bhopal on Friday. | PF

He said that it was necessary to make people feel that “the policeman is my friend”. “We have to develop such a working culture that no one should be afraid when approaching the police. We need to develop the feeling that police stations are not just for criminals. It is necessary to develop the confidence of the police in the public. We must continue to make continuous efforts in this direction, ”he said.

Along with the police, the role of SAF Jawjans and home guards is also very important, he added. Earlier, the CM paid tribute by laying a wreath on Shaheed Smarak at Motilal Nehru Stadium. He inspected the parade and the parade, presented medals to the police for their excellent service.

Home Secretary Narottam Mishra, Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Bains, Director General of Police Vivek Johri, retired police officers and other officers were present on the occasion.

Efforts to find a solution

Chouhan said efforts were being made to find a solution to the problems of the police and the police family. Many times the police are forced to live in unsanitary conditions in rented accommodation. A campaign to build police stations has been launched. If a policeman owns land, then he can have a house built as he wishes by taking a loan from the bank. The state government will provide this house for rent to other police officers. The state government will give a guarantee.

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Posted on: Saturday December 18th, 2021 12:47 am IST

Mara R. Wilmoth