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By Express press service

VIJAYAWADA: Director General of Police KV Rajendranath Reddy said the police department investigates crimes against women in the spirit of the Disha law enacted by the state government, although it does not has not yet obtained the consent of the center.

“The Disha law stipulates that the investigation (into heinous crimes against women) must be completed in seven days and the trial in 21 days. These are the main provisions of the law and we have implemented them in true spirit,” the DGP said.

Rajendranath Reddy, along with Home Minister Taneti Vanitha, spoke at a press conference on Thursday on the law and order situation in the state. Providing the figures for crimes against women, the Home Secretary said that the number of cases reported in the first three years of the YSRC government was lower than the number of cases reported in the last three years of the previous TDP regime.

“Take the case of a Lithuanian national, who was assaulted by two youths in the Nellore district. As the victim might leave the country, we had completed the trial in seven days after the filing of the indictment. If the police and the government are not serious about women’s safety, how is it possible? asked the DGP.

Elaborating further, he said: “The investigation was completed in five days and the statements of 20 witnesses were taken in four days. In total, the investigation was completed in less than 10 days,” he said.

Referring to the Disha app, he said about 1.24 crore people had the opportunity to interact with the police about their issues without going to the police station. Out of the total, six lakh women have tested the app. Police reached out to people in distress in 11,000 cases and 924 women were rescued, he said.

“We require women to register in the app in addition to downloading it. Before I took over DGP, only 37 lakh women registered in the app. The number has risen to 65 lakh now at following a special campaign by the police,” said Rajendranath Reddy, denouncing allegations of misuse of data through the Disha app. order in the state has deteriorated going through a few incidents. We are working in the spirit of the Disha law,” the DGP asserted.

Regarding ganja smuggling, the DGP said that 2 lakh kg of contraband was destroyed in the state. “Ganja is also grown in nearby cities of Telangana and Odisha. We coordinate with both states and others to combat ganja smuggling. Marking the entire state as a narcotics hub is not fair because of a few cases,” the DGP said.

Vanitha affirmed that the government is taking all measures to prevent crimes against women. Police response time in crimes against women has decreased. At least 900 women have been saved from trouble thanks to the Disha app, she said. The Zero FIR concept was initiated and the Disha police stations were set up to ensure the safety of women. Tough penalties will have a deterrent effect on crimes against women. Therefore, the government came up with the Disha law, she explained.

Vanitha alleged that the TDP was politicizing crimes against women to tarnish the image of the YSRC government. Mahila police have been deployed in every village for the safety of the women. Referring to the implementation of the Disha law, the Home Minister said that the state government has already clarified the Centre’s doubts twice.

Mara R. Wilmoth