Dua Lipa on Women’s Safety: “It’s very, very scary what we have to go through”

Pop star Dua Lipa spoke about women’s safety, telling ITV News what “we have to go through” is “very, very scary.”

The singer described how her song “Boys Will Be Boys” reflected her own experience of returning home with her keys between her fingers for added security.

The song deals with issues of sexual harassment, with the message “boys will be boys, but girls will be women”.

Speaking to ITV News, Dua Lipa said, “When I wrote that boys will be boys, it’s very real, you know, you put your keys in your fingers.

“This is something I literally did on my way home from school for a three minute walk from the bus station to the apartment I was living in.

“It was not far at all, but since it was dark and I was all alone, I put my keysbetween my fingers thinking that just in case something happened, I would be protected or be able to take care of myself. “

The 25-year-old said that for women, “self-monitoring” is “second nature”.

“As long as I can remember going out alone with my friends, you would always text or ask your friends to make sure they text you when they get home,” said the Londoner.

Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia won the 2021 Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album. Credit: PA

She described other examples of women pretending to talk on the phone to “keep people away”, not wearing heels over the tube, and other “precautions” women take so as not to be “watched” or “Attract unwanted attention”.

“It’s just something that I’ve done my whole life and, and I’m sure all the other womena, “she said.

On the song ‘Boys Will Be Boys’, the singer said, “I talk so much about women’s equality and women’s empowerment, it was just a song I wanted to write that day in. studio, and I was like, well, that’s just what’s going on. “

She added that she hopes the song’s powerful message encourages younger generations to “start asking questions” and realize that “this is something very real.”

The song was featured on star Future Nostalgia’s album, which won Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammy Awards on Monday.

This is Dua Lipa’s third Grammy Award win.

The 25-year-old said the album came from “so much happiness and joy” and that to be recognized for it “means the world”.

Lipa performed at the Covid-compliant awards ceremony on Monday, which saw female artists celebrated with big wins for Beyonce and Taylor Swift as well.

Performing in an ’80s themed setting, Lipa sang the hit songs Levitating and Don’t Start Now for stripped down music, CovidGrammy compliant audience.

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Mara R. Wilmoth