Empowerment of women! ‘Kudla Bikerni Female Bikers’ back after 11 days and 4.3 km of travel

Empowerment of women! ‘Kudla Bikerni Female Bikers’ back after 11 days and 4,300 km of journey that started from Mangaluru to Rann of Kutch and back to Mangaluru

Mangaluru: If all women are created equal, but there are many who are extraordinary having started riding motorcycles, which only men have used for decades. Women were trained to roll gently and wear lipstick or dress for fun with all that extra makeup done in front of a mirror. Gone are the days when current women showing their female empowerment try to beat men, be it in studies, sports, adventure and now MOTORCYCLES! Few of the women in the city, who decided to go on a pleasure trip on their motorcycles, realized that they would inspire many women on their journey from Mangaluru to the Rann of Kutch. While the women were already excited to explore the Rann of Kutch, they were surprised by the welcome and respect they gained on the trip.

In 2011, “BIKERNI” – Indian pioneer group of women motorcyclists was formed. An brainchild of Pune-based Urvashi Patole and Firdaus Shaikh, this association quickly reached over 500 members in 2014 and, to date, easily has over 2,000 members across India, inspiring many women to start to climb, which opened up ways in the fields. races, stunts, tours and brand influence for riders around the world.

In Mangaluru, while various cycling events, motorsport activities and road safety outings with traffic police have always been dominated by men, the absence of female bikers was a point regularly brought up. And then in 2015, the Mangalore chapter of BIKERNI was launched with the blessing of the then Mangaluru Police Commissioner – Chandrashekar and ACP Traffic – Udaya Nayak. Over the years the passion for horseback riding has become really contagious and these girls have ventured beyond and many groups as well as solo rides – both short and long. Following their mantra “Every day is a new adventure and a new challenge”, they had finally planned this long-held dream and finally, towards the end of 2021, four of the Mangaluru Bikernis boldly headed for the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat – a good round distance of over 2,600 km.

Along the way, wherever they stopped for a break or to refuel, many people would come and talk to them and want to take pictures with them. And then these girls realized that even on this ride, they were inspiring others to do what they love, to travel and to discover every corner of this amazing country – this is our own India! And all along the route, from start to finish, these four runners were their own motivation for each other along the way!

Divya Poojary, a medical representative, has ridden a Royal Enfield Himalayan, Pooja Jain, a businesswoman who owns a textile shop ‘Devika Sarees’, who also holds a black belt in karate and also teaches karate, has ridden a KTM Duke 390 and Apoorva M, a mother of a 6 year old boy, and Krithi Uchil, both software engineers, rode a Yamaha MT-15. Krithi Uchil is the founder of the Mangaluru Bikerni Club. Kirthi loves to tour and has traveled to several locations in South India with Pooja Jain and Divya Poojary. Apoorva has traveled short distance destinations and this was his first experience to cover almost 4K and over miles.

They started their journey from Mangaluru on December 24 and reached the Rann of Kutch on December 29. They returned to Mangaluru on January 5, covering a distance of 4,300 km. They crossed Maharashtra and traveled an average of 500 km per day. District Police Additional Superintendent Dr Shivakumar reported on the Women’s Empowerment Bike Tour near Circuit House, Mangaluru on December 24, 2021. Krithi Uchil, who was instrumental in the creation of the Mangalore Bikerni Club, said that when they were preparing the trip to attend Rann Utsav, there were a lot of riders who showed interest but eventually gave up.

Speaking to the Mangalorean Krithi team, he said: “Four of us were determined to complete the trip. Interestingly, while preparing for the ride, we met Apoorva, the mother of a six-year-old boy, through a mutual friend. When she heard about our plan, she was excited, which motivated her to buy a new Yamaha motorcycle the next day. She trained hard for two months, only to be part of this trip. When IPS officer Shivakumar pointed out our effort on the bike, he told us to inspire women throughout our journey. Throughout the trip we received unexpected recognition everywhere we stopped, people showed up to take photos and selfies with us. In Mangaluru too, people began to recognize us ”.

“The Kannada Sangha in Bhuj contacted us, and one of the members accommodated us in his house, and they also organized our visit to Vighakot. BSF staff appreciated our efforts. As Pooja has relatives in Surat, we stopped there for a day, on our way to the Rann in Kutch, as well as on our return. They arranged a warm welcome on our return trip, along with many members of the biker community. Overall the trip was smooth, with no major breakdowns, and we visited all of Gujarat’s top tourist destinations, ”she added.

What started as a trip to explore the country has turned into a mission to empower women to make their dreams come true. Congratulations to the four DARING & ADVENTUROUS WOMEN for their achievement of Team Mangalorean.

Mara R. Wilmoth