FORE School of Management Participates in ICC NCW’s ‘Women Empowerment Summit 2022’

New Delhi: The Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the National Commission for Women (NCW) recently organized the Women Empowerment Summit 2022.

The summit hosted a panel discussion on “The Role of Women in the Progressive Economy”, which saw the participation of 5 women excelling in their respective fields, namely Professor Sriparna Basu, Professor of Communication, FORE School of Management; Lakshmi Krishnan, Society for the Advancement of Women and Child Welfare; Bhawna Agarwal, Country Manager India – HPE; Rashmi Ranjan, AGM – SIDBI; and Tripti Khanna, Gramin Vikas Trust, supported by KRIBHCO. The discussion was moderated by Jyotsna Chauhan, Sr. Vice President-Marketing, Smartworld Developers.

“Women today need to be well trained, especially in the areas of skills development and entrepreneurship, career mentoring, women-friendly policies and how to use technology to develop job-creating skills,” said Prof. Sriparna Basu, professor of communication at FORE School. of the management.

Skills development should focus on both rural and urban spaces. The need is not just training, but capacity building and technically focused skills. Job creation does not happen by itself, so the identification of entrepreneurial opportunities must be identified. For example, the private sector (Airbnb has trained women in hospitality services), so it’s a collective responsibility of everyone and not just some NGOs and the government. In terms of CSR, companies try to offload their responsibilities by simply giving money but do not really get involved in the field.

Career mentoring is extremely important because people don’t know what to do with their acquired skills. They need guidance on how to get help to start their own business or join established businesses. And this proper mentoring should start right after upper secondary education. Digital literacy is the need of the hour, and everyone should know how to use it to learn more.

Women-friendly policies or a women-friendly ecosystem are needed in offices, factories and all workplaces. Flexible working arrangements, childcare for new mothers who want to work but cannot, and the hiring of women who have been neglected after covid need to be reintegrated into the labor market. The world first focused on hiring men, but now women need to be reintroduced as well.

The use of technology in building job creation skills is important. Connect technology to people so they know what resources they can use to improve their skills. Also important is digital financial literacy, i.e. the use of technology for business purposes such as using e-wallets, internet banking and obtaining online consultations for their loans and for small investments.

When asked what she would do for the women of the country if she were Prime Minister for a Day, Professor Sriparna Basu said: “As a Prime Minister for a Day, I would like to promote the success stories of women not as niche content, not as something that happens once in a blue moon but as a norm story, something that is common and achievable and should be promoted more.”

As a conclusion to the whole discussion, Professor Basu added a comment, along with other panelists, that the total percentage of women in the labor force is 20%. $6 trillion could have been added to the economy with women working right now so post covid job restoration needs to happen to bring women back into the game and achieve women empowerment in real meaning.

Mara R. Wilmoth