Government boosts women’s empowerment in Fiji – FBC News

[Source: Fijian Government/ Facebook]

The Fijian government will come up with projects to lift disadvantaged rural women out of poverty.

This was underlined by Minister for Women, Rosy Akbar, who added that the projects will include an economic empowerment program for women so that they have the opportunity to build a life of autonomy and dignity.

Akbar says these income-generating projects will allow these women to have enough money to take care of their families and community development.

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While handing over an income-generating project to the Vadrai women’s group in Tailevu, Akbar, this project will involve women and even people with disabilities to become economically self-sufficient and be economically active.

She told community members in Vadrai that she was very pleased to see Fijian women who have embraced the opportunities presented to them and put their skills, traditional knowledge, entrepreneurial abilities and artistic abilities to generate income.

Vadrai Women’s Group Chairperson Nainasa Buirokowaqa said Minister Akbar is the first minister in Fiji to visit Vadrai Women’s Group and the Vadrai community.

Mara R. Wilmoth