Greens describe women’s security arts and politics

Artists performing at publicly funded events should receive a minimum $250 concert fee, according to a policy proposal to boost the arts sector released by the Australian Greens this week.

The $250 minimum fee proposal is taken from a policy of the Media, Entertainment and the Arts Alliance and is intended to provide a guaranteed fee for performers.

Other Greens suggestions for boosting the arts sector include creating a $1 billion fund for live performances and an insurance guarantee for live performances.

These policy initiatives are part of a broader arts sector of the Greens which party leader Adam Bandt said needed better support given how it was “literally crushed overnight” by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Over the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Greens have been advocating for better support for our arts and live performance sector,” Bandt said.

“The area was literally destroyed overnight and suffered longest and hardest, yet repeated calls to the Morrison government for adequate aid to survive and rebuild have been ignored.

“The Morrison government has treated the arts sector and creative workers with contempt, like a bunch of weak philistines who reject the public good of the arts but love to sing the tunes of their favorite artists.”

Bandt said a minimum fee commitment should be implemented for public events because performers are the reason people come to these functions.

“Performers are the reason audiences turn up; they deserve a minimum royalty for state-funded events — it’s the least the government can do,” Bandt said.

“This promise of minimum fees is part of a comprehensive policy to revive and secure our arts and live performance industry, including with an enhanced grants fund (RISE) and live performance insurance guarantee. “

The Greens have also benefited from the publication of a report entitled In one generation by the National Women’s Alliance to advocate for increased funding to improve services to improve women’s safety.

“Our policy to end gender-based violence calls for a self-determined national plan for First Nations women and girls, $1 billion a year to fully fund frontline and prevention services over the life of the plan, 477 million dollars for consent education, $10,000 Survivor Grants, and stronger and more consistent national laws governing domestic, family and sexual violence,” said Senator Larissa Waters, Greens spokesperson on women. .

“We will reform the family law system and double funding for legal aid so women can get the advice and representation they need to protect themselves and their children.


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Mara R. Wilmoth