Guinness empowers female bartenders and advocates inclusivity for female empowerment | The Guardian Nigeria News

As part of its diversity and inclusiveness strategy to empower underrepresented people in Nigeria, especially women, female bartenders were recently empowered in the pilot edition of the Diageo Bar Academy (DBA) program in Lagos . The DBA program is a scholarship that aims to provide world-class bartending education to both men and women, to increase the number of female bartenders in the business.

President of Guinness Nigeria Spirited Women’s Network and Director of International Premium Spirits, Reserve and Modern Trade (IRM), Viola Graham-Douglas, she said during the graduation ceremony at Guinness Headquarters that this edition was specially designed for women as a DBA diversity and inclusion program to provide more women with viable career opportunities in the bartending and hospitality industry in general. “We are committed to ensuring that our diversity and inclusion program provides opportunities for all of our stakeholders throughout our value chain. We want everyone to feel included, inside and outside our company. We believe our business will be stronger if our business reflects the diversity of our customers, communities and individuals who are connected by our iconic products.

“It’s important to us; part of who we are and what we do. Wherever we go, we create the most inclusive and diverse culture, shaping market-leading policies, because it’s part of our goal to celebrate life every day, everywhere”.

When selecting the recipients, Graham-Douglas explained that they went through a flexible selection process focusing on key characteristics such as aptitude, enthusiasm for the craft and commitment to working in the craft. after completing the program working in hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars or other industry related outlets”.

Guinness Nigeria’s director of marketing and innovations, Mark Mugisha, said they were more concerned with the impact of their many corporate social responsibility projects on Nigerians than generating profits. He urged all grantees to be diligent in using the skills they learned to improve their jobs and, in the long run, their livelihoods. “Long term, the DBA is critical to our diversity and inclusion mission. We promise that this program will continue beyond this inaugural edition as we are already mobilizing talent for the next level. We are confident that these pilot participants will impress and make full use of the skills gained through this training in their careers,” Mugisha said.

The program should evolve into a DBA train-the-trainer program; a thirty-day course during which participants will pass on what they have learned to others. Completion of the training also comes with a 3-month internship with one of Guinness Nigeria’s business partners.

Mara R. Wilmoth