Ideal Group’s Iroshini Wijenayaka at the World Women Leadership Congress

Managing Director of Group Marketing and Communications at Ideal Group (Pvt) Ltd., Iroshini Wijenayaka was recently named Patron of the World Women Leadership Congress (WWLC).

Based in Mumbai, WWLC honors the strategic and influential role of women leaders and annually organizes the “Women Leadership Awards” to celebrate the outstanding leadership and achievements of women leaders in the region.

Iroshini shared her gratitude for having had the opportunity to mentor other women and represent the nation on an international platform. “It’s a great opportunity to empower yourself and be empowered. It’s a great pleasure for me to be a part of WWCL and to help other women in the region successfully navigate this competitive world. I strongly believe in empowering and uplifting each other, paving the way for them to pursue their dreams My long-term vision for women in business is to support each other and continuously work for equality gender and women’s empowerment.

During his two-decade career, Iroshini has represented several male-dominated work sectors, including sports marketing and the automotive industry. His tenure in Sri Lanka Cricket shone a light on his career path to keep pushing the boundaries and continuing to challenge societal norms of male dominated work sectors, all the while reaching great heights.

Women in uncommon positions or male-dominated industries are a topic of conversation in today’s business environment. As a woman who currently represents such an industry, Iroshini shared her workplace experience. “It is indeed a challenge, but thanks to Ideal Group’s forward-thinking work culture that emanates from the President himself, it continues to offer equal opportunities to all. Empowerment and guidance from other team members is always a breath of fresh air. All members of the Group truly believe in gender equality and constantly promote the empowerment of women. The many influential women who currently strengthen the Group’s management team are testimony to this orientation and I am honored to be part of such a team.

In addition to her list of international recognition, Iroshini received the “Woman of Worth” award in 2021, by WWLC. She is also the recipient of the ‘Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders’ award in 2019, a recognition award given by the World Marketing Congress (WMC).

While being part of many community engagement projects with the aim of empowering and supporting all women, Iroshini is involved in the rehabilitation and recovery of abused girls. Her upbringing as a student of Visakha Vidyalaya in Colombo greatly influenced her empathetic personality towards everything and instilled values ​​that made her the remarkable woman she is today.

Iroshini is a marketing and communications professional with an MBA from Western Sydney University, a Masters in Strategic Marketing from Cardiff Metropolitan University of Wales and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK.

Mara R. Wilmoth