India Shifted From Women’s Development Paradigm to Women-Led Development: Irani at UNGA

Union Cabinet Minister for Textiles and Women, Child Development Smriti Irani said on Friday (October 2) that India had shifted from the paradigm of women’s development to female-led development. During her participation in the United Nations (UN) meeting on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the 4th World Conference on Women, the Union Minister said that in India, the centrality of gender equality is recognized in all aspects of the government agenda.

She said: “Women are numerically half of humanity, but their influence transfers all dimensions of society, politics and economy. “

Adding that India is now focusing on inclusive growth as well as far-reaching reforms that would bring about transformational change, the Union Minister attributed the same to the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She even spoke about the reserve for women in India and noted that it ensures that more than 1.3 million women are elected as representatives to leadership positions.

Smriti Irani said: “The reservation of seats for women in local governance in the situation has enabled more than 1.3 million elected women to lead the formulation and implementation of gender responsive public policies at the community level. “.

“Over 200 million women have been integrated into the formal banking system through the government’s Financial Inclusion Initiative. The innovative use of digital technologies has given women equal opportunities to access insurance, loans and social assistance, ”she added.

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Smriti Irani on gender parity

While addressing the issue of gender parity, Smriti Irani said that it is one of the highest priorities for the government to ensure gender parity in all aspects of life. From those relating to harassment in the workplace to the protection of women against domestic violence, the Union Minister mentioned several pieces of legislation in India which have helped to be “strong catalysts” for the empowerment of women.

She added: “India today attaches the highest priority to ensuring gender parity in all spheres of life and eliminating all forms of discrimination based on sex. Several of our laws, such as those relating to sexual harassment of women in the workplace, the protection of women from domestic violence, the protection of children from sexual offenses, and amendments to our criminal laws, have been powerful catalysts for action. empowering women and protecting children, especially girls, over the past six years. “

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Image / Entries: ANI

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