Inspiring! Rajasthan police launch ‘Police For U’ campaign, focusing on women’s safety

The Rajasthan Police have launched an encouraging campaign called “Police For U”. West Jaipur’s DCP, IPS Richa Tomar, is leading the campaign. The campaign aims for the safety of women and embraces their efforts towards society. It was constituted for the honor and dignity of women in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The police administration team is working effortlessly in the zonal areas to make this campaign a success.

As part of this initiative, the West Jaipur Police Team set up camps at 15 different locations in which the team was able to reach at least 500 women. The women in the camps learned about security measures and protection against crime. With personal interest, more than 400 women filled out the feedback form and suggested their experiences and future aspects of the campaign.

Police against crime

The police team informed the women in the camps about the crimes committed against women and learned about the dangerous places for women. The Jaipur West team highlighted the locations and organized tighter security. The team also consistently files complaints against wrongdoers under the CrPC 151, 60 Police Act and other criminal pleadings.

Crime against women

Out of the entire female population in India, West Bengal is home to almost 7.5% of females, where 12% of the total number of reported crimes occur. In Rajasthan, atrocities against women increased by 17% in 2021, with almost 2 lakh cases reported compared to 2020 data. the data has been sad for a long time.

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Mara R. Wilmoth