Internal complaints committees for the safety of women in educational institutions AP

RAJAHMUNDRY: Vasireddy Padma, chairperson of the Andhra Pradesh Women’s Commission, said an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) would be set up in all educational institutions and offices to address women’s safety and protection issues and students.

Speaking to media representatives on Saturday in Rajahmundry, she said the Commission is working determinedly to empower women and ensure that they are financially stable and also to protect them. The TDP, which is unable to see the social assistance programs provided to women, goes on the offensive and attacks the government needlessly, she said. The President further stated that the APWC resolves women’s complaints from time to time.

The President praised Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for implementing various social protection programs for the well-being of women without seeing them as a voice bank. She said the high priority to the economic and political advancement of women in the PA. Women express confidence that they have been self-sufficient over the past two and a half years. Social protection programs like YSR Asara, Amma Vodi and YSR Cheyuta were contributing to the well-being of women in the state. She commented that the situation in Andhra Pradesh has deteriorated to the point that women are being mistreated in the name of politics.

She also expressed her anguish that a woman Minister of the Interior would be mistreated. It is very unfortunate that the opposition speaks in such an insulting manner against a woman, said Vasireddy Padma.

She praised Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for giving women a place in various government, party and appointed positions. She warned that there was no point in criticizing the chief minister who focused on empowering women and that in the past no government had given women as much priority as he did, she said. praise it. All parties would also have to accept that a 50 percent reservation for women should be given and it was not fair of them to criticize them for not doing so, Padma said. Members of the Sayuja Commission, RUDA Medapati President Sharmila Reddy, Marti Lakshmi and Dr Anapuri Padmalata were present at the meeting.

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Mara R. Wilmoth