IPS Academy organized a menstrual hygiene campaign for women’s safety

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India]April 22 (ANI/PNN): The IPS NSS/IPSSR Academy department has been campaigning on menstrual hygiene for years. This time we organized a session for Vijaya Raje Government Girls High School, Ujjain. The main objective is to kill the taboo of periods. Menstruation is a natural process that happens to all women, so why does our society shame it, and why can’t we talk about it openly? Therefore, we try to eradicate the stigma from our community and create a stress-free environment for menstruating women. When we go to school and talk about periods, only 30% of girls can speak openly, and the rest are often hesitant. So we found out that the remaining 70% of girls belong to a society where menstrual cycles are considered bad days in life, or they are not allowed to talk about it. However, after observing various misconceptions, we try to teach the importance of this cycle in the life of any woman. Due to hormonal secretion, a woman often faces mood swings and other physical and emotional changes. Even irregular blood flow makes a woman suffer greatly, so we suggest people try to understand the situation and react positively when a woman is on her period.

According to Department Head Neha Sharma, women’s lives have been changed slightly and they have many responsibilities, so PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is seen in maximum women. Many such campaigns are organized in schools thanks to the continuous efforts of Sanat Vyas, Principal of Vijayaraje Girls’ Higher School. The program was conducted to Suresh Vyas, Krutika Paradkar, Lalita Dhawan, Harshada Kale, Gulia and all staff members. The program was also run online with the help of Pulkit Jain, Akash and Guru from the IPS e-learning team. Sunny Sir and the IPS Sanwer campus volunteer team also encouraged the students. This story is provided by PNN. ANI will not be responsible for the content of this article. (ANI/PNN)

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Mara R. Wilmoth