Kanal launched for the safety of women

Society must come together and take a strong stand to end the dowry scourge, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said.

He was speaking after having inaugurated Friday the “Kanal” project of the Ministry of Women’s and Children’s Development for the safety of women.

“Kerala is ahead of other states in various indexes, including women’s education. Opportunities have been created for young women to choose fields of their choice and gain knowledge and employment in fields of their choice. However, even being a state with such a young and educated population, it is unfortunate that we still have cases of harassment and domestic violence over dowry.

The ‘Kanal’ project was formulated with the aim of ending all domestic and dowry abuse, empowering women and sensitizing the entire population, ”said the CM.

Health and Women’s and Children’s Development Minister Veena George said only a few women had used the dowry ban law to file complaints.

She said it was unfortunate that young girls were facing violence and losing their lives even at this time.

As part of the launch of “Kanal”, supervisors of integrated child development services and Anganwadi workers received training. Awareness campaigns are organized in colleges. Over one million awareness posters will be displayed in various parts of the state.

Mara R. Wilmoth