Keep women safe! TN Govt launches AI-enabled panic button, CCTV surveillance on Chennai buses

The Tamil Nadu government, led by Chief Minister MK Stalin, has launched an AI-activated ‘panic button’ and CCTV cameras on 500 buses in Chennai. The move is part of a state government initiative to improve women’s safety.

The Department of Transport has planned to provide the facility for 2,500 buses under the Nirbhaya Safe City Project; the inclusion of 500 buses was the first phase in the metropolitan city. The buses are equipped with four panic buttons, an AI-enabled mobile network video recorder (MNVR) and three cameras. The MNVR will be connected to a cloud-based control center via a 4G GSM SIM card.

Would help facilitate next course of action

Female passengers on public buses may press the panic button at the sight of discomfort or threat from other passengers. When a passenger raised the alarm, an alert would be presented in the control center and a video recording of the incident. With instant warning, the control center would be able to assess and monitor the situation and facilitate the next course of action in real time, The Indian Express reported.

The control center was also linked to the distress response center of the city police and the Greater Chennai Corporation.

Recruitment of 200 people for humanitarian reasons

The initiative would ensure the safety of the women and help in tracing missing persons and identifying other criminals and other workers from the Greater Chennai Corporation, transport department and police.

The CM launched the security initiative at the State Secretariat in the presence of Transport Minister SS Sivasankar and also issued appointment orders to 200 people recruited on humanitarian grounds.

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Mara R. Wilmoth