Kolkata Police take major step towards women’s safety

Photo: Twitter

In a move towards female empowerment, Kolkata Police has announced that the five-day self-defense course, Tejaswini, introduced last year, will now be held every three months. The initiative was launched by the state police in May 2018, and after the overwhelming response to it, the Kolkata police decided to pursue it this year as well. More than 350 women between the ages of 26 and 30 attended last year’s session.

The second edition held at the Police Athletic Club, opposite the East Bengal Club, ended on November 27, Wednesday, in which more than 200 women participated. During the workshop, female police personnel also received self-defense training with citizens. Experts in martial arts and fighting styles trained the participants. They were taught to resist a sudden attack and buy time before help arrived. Not only self-help, but “Tejaswinis”, as these women are called, will be able to help anyone in distress. “Our aim is to restore the confidence of women who regularly leave their homes. You often see that criminals back down when they are resisted,” a police official said.

Candidates had to undergo a preliminary health check to check their mental and physical preparation before the session.

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Mara R. Wilmoth