Kyra Reed, winner of the Female Leadership Award

On April 28, 2022, Green Market Report held its first-ever Women’s Summit. During the event, the Women’s Leadership Awards were announced and presented to the winners. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be highlighting each of these winners and congratulating them for their contributions to the cannabis industry.

Female Leadership Award


Kyra Reed– Founder and CEO, Women Employed In Cannabis (WEIC)

Kyra Reed is the founder and CEO of Women Employed in Cannabis (WEIC), the largest association of women working in cannabis, psychedelics, hemp and CBD. She was named a “Social Media Pioneer” by Entrepreneur Magazine. Kyra’s activism and community work has been featured in the NY Times, TechCrunch, NPR and 20/20.

Known for delivering strategic results through community building, Kyra is recognized for building community on the Sunset Strip. His work has resulted in a massive renaissance of the Sunset Strip and measurable, ongoing business growth.

As a social media industry veteran, community-driven brand innovator, community builder, and outspoken advocate for women, Kyra understood that her leadership experience and expertise were needed in the cannabis industry.

Kyra launched WEIC in 2017. Through her leadership and vision, WEIC has become the premier international brand and organization dedicated to empowering women to achieve their professional goals through partnership, promotion, protection and to economic prosperity. The international organization currently has about 15,000 members.

Through WEIC, Kyra inspires women to dismantle the barriers that stand in their way and build their careers and businesses. WEIC launched the industry’s first petition to encourage people to engage in pro-women and anti-racism practices.

Today, Kyra is a strong advocate for women employed in the cannabis industry. Kyra’s mission for WEIC is to empower women to create more generational wealth and be more successful. She draws international attention to the unique needs of women as cannabis entrepreneurs and workers.

Heidi Groshelle of Groshelle Communications accepts the award for Ms. Reed.

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