Live updates: West Midlands Police night patrol highlights women’s safety

An eagle-eyed police officer distinguishes a couple from the crowd in Wolverhampton.

The female is with a bag but the male is acting suspicious.

Something is wrong and the officer intervenes.

It turns out that the woman is accompanied under duress.

The man says they are fine! – they are a couple. But the officer takes the woman aside and she tells him privately that she doesn’t even know him. He’s a foreigner!

The man is arrested and charged. The woman is driven home safely.

This incident was real.

It happened in Wolverhampton and these are the types of live incidents where the good judgment of the police makes all the difference. And if the police hadn’t intervened – where was he taking her?

On Saturday night, West Midlands Police are abuzz to carry out their usual patrols, but there is also a focus on finding and highlighting women’s safety.

Confidence in the police has been shaken by the shocking and appalling kidnapping, rape and murder of Sarah Everard by former police officer Wayne Couzens, who is currently serving a life sentence. All regional police constables, including West Midland Police, were quick to condemn the horrific crime.

Overnight, among many other nights, West Midlands Police are carrying out a night drill to ensure women at work and play do so safely from predators, disorder, anti-social behavior and violence of any kind.

Birmingham Live will closely follow police patrols, analyze social media and keep tabs on how West Midlands Police are keeping women safe tonight in their pioneering campaign in hearts and minds. For updates, see below.

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Mara R. Wilmoth