Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray Vs Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari Women’s Safety Issue Sakinaka Case

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Maharashtra CM vs Governor: Uddhav responds to women’s security issue in the state

A war of letters has erupted between Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari after the latter expressed his anger at atrocities against women in the state. In his letter, the governor advised the chief minister to convene a special assembly session for two days to discuss the matter.

In particular, a few days ago, the delegation of women leaders of the BJP had met the governor and asked for the convening of an extraordinary session of the Legislative Assembly.

The CM, in return, also wrote a letter to the governor. Thackeray said the governor should write a letter to the central government asking to call an extraordinary session of parliament for four days and discuss the matter.

In this session, the issue of the safety of women across the country should be discussed. The Sakinaka case is also expected to be discussed during this session, he said.

In the letter, he wrote: “I received your letter worrying about the safety of women in Maharashtra. Women are not safe in the state, this is reflected in your letter … especially after the ‘Sakinaka incident … You meet the inhabitants of Mahila Mandal from a political party, you want a two-day extraordinary session to be called. We can understand your feeling.

“Within ten minutes of the incident in Sakinaka, the police reached and arrested the accused. Severe penalties will be imposed on the culprits by bringing the case to a fast-track tribunal.

“The opposition is asking for a ‘special session’ but your agreement with them is fatal to ‘parliamentary democracy.’ I realize that incidents like atrocities against women, rape tarnish the country and society. Delhi has become a capital of rape over the past few years. These incidents have brought Delhi into disrepute. It is not necessary to say that it is the responsibility of the Center to review the Delhi Security Center. Recently, a 9-year-old Dalit girl was raped there. Woman was raped in BJP-led Bihar. Kho-Kho player was raped and killed in UP. Hathras incident, Unnao rocked everyone But the BJP never called for a special session to be called regarding this whole affair. There were atrocities on mothers and daughters in Jammu and Kashmir too, but the BJP government at the time did has never called an extraordinary session. ”

He went on to write: “You are from Uttarakhand, so many cases arise there. Can a special session be called there? There are so many incidents of atrocities of women in Gujarat that ‘a special one-month session should be called. “

“That is why you (the governor) should write a letter to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah to call an extraordinary session of Parliament for four days. During this session, the issue of the safety of women across the country should be discussed. The Sakinaka case is also expected to be discussed during this session. At present, there is a government in Maharashtra following in the footsteps of Shivaji Maharaj. I hope to continue to receive your blessings as a father. “

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