Meghalaya: Police Training School Holds Women’s Safety Symposium

Shillong: The Police Training College, Umran, on Monday held a ‘Women’s Safety Symposium’ sponsored by the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D), New Delhi, at the State Convention Centre, Shillong .

special general manager of Police I Nongrang attended the inaugural ceremony as the main guest.

Acknowledging that the objective of the symposium is to consolidate the efforts of all stakeholders to ensure the safety, security and well-being of women and children in the state, Nongrang informed that there are 16 laws to address various women’s issues and 13 rights which are guaranteed to all women by the Constitution.

Despite the plethora of laws and regulations, the question arises as to why we are holding symposia and awareness programs when in fact crimes against women have by no means decreased, but rather increased, has she declared.

In Meghalaya, despite being a matriarchal society, we could not reverse the trend, she added.

She expressed hope that the symposium will not only discuss the issue but also how to implement and ensure women’s safety and security in Meghalaya.

Nongrang also said the state police have been able to crack down on organized violence or insurgency-related violence, but other incitements like intimate partner violence, workplace violence, violence in public places, women’s safety is always a concern. Therefore, she hoped that the symposium would go a long way in addressing women’s safety in the state.

The inaugural session was followed by sessions on topics ranging from the legal provision and latest amendment of the Women and Children Act, an overview of the POCSO Act 2012, medico-legal challenges, prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace, mechanism for dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace, Domestic Violence Act and presentation of a case study on trafficking in women and children.

A panel discussion on the investigation of rape and murder cases also took place during the day.

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