Meta launches the Women’s Safety Hub

Meta (formerly Facebook) on Thursday announced a series of measures to protect users of its platform, including the launch of in India, which aims to combat the dissemination of non-consensual intimate images (NCII).

Meta also launched the Women’s Safety Hub, which will be available in Hindi and 11 other Indian languages, which will allow more female users in India to access information on tools and resources that can help them get the job done. make the most of their social media experience, while staying safe online.

This key initiative from Meta will ensure that millions of women, especially non-English speakers, do not face a language barrier to easily access information that will allow them to stay safe online, said Karuna Nain, director (policy Global Security) at Meta Platforms Inc. journalists.

“Security is an integral part of Meta’s commitment to creating and delivering a secure online experience across all platforms and over the years the company has launched several cutting-edge initiatives to protect users online.

“Continuing our efforts to strengthen user safety, we are launching a number of initiatives to ensure the online safety of women on our platforms,” ​​she added. is a platform that aims to fight against the dissemination of non-consensual intimate images (NCII).

“It gives control to the victims. People can proactively access this platform, hash their intimate videos and images, share their hashes with the platform and participating companies,” Nain said.

She explained that the platform does not receive any photos or videos, but instead obtains the hash or unique digital fingerprint / unique identifier that tells the company that this is content. known who violates. “We can proactively monitor this content on our platforms and once it is uploaded our review team checks what is really going on and takes appropriate action if it violates our policies,” she added. .

In partnership with UK Revenge Porn Helpline, leverages Meta’s NCII Pilot, an emergency program that allows potential victims to proactively hash their intimate images so that they cannot be proliferated on their sites. platforms.

The one-of-a-kind platform has partnered with global organizations to support NCII victims. In India, the platform has partnered with organizations such as Social Media Matters, Center for Social Research and Red Dot Foundation.

Nain added that the company is hoping this becomes an industry-wide initiative, so victims can simply come to this central location for help and support and not have to go to every single. technology platform, one by one to get help and support. .

Additionally, Bishakha Datta (Editor-in-Chief of Point of View) and Jyoti Vadehra of the Center for Social Research are the first Indian members of Meta’s Global Women’s Safety Expert Advisors. The group includes 12 other nonprofit leaders, activists and academic experts from different parts of the world and consults with Meta in the development of new policies, products and programs to better support women on its applications.

“We are convinced that with our ever-increasing security measures, women will be able to benefit from a social experience that will allow them to learn, engage and grow without any challenge.

“India is an important market for us and the inclusion of Bishakha and Jyoti in our Expert Advisory Group on Women’s Safety will go a long way in enhancing our efforts to make our platforms safer for women in India,” said declared Dwarf.

Mara R. Wilmoth