Mission Shakti 3.0: Focus on Women’s Safety in Rural Uttar Pradesh | Lucknow News

LUKCNOW: The third phase of the Shakti Mission, which will be launched by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on August 21, will focus on the safety of rural women. Nodal Head of Mission Laxmi Singh (IPS) said the goal of the third phase is to provide a police service at the doorstep of every woman, including those living in rural areas.
She said that for the first time, female cops are given combat duties like their male counterparts. “In the system, we’re going to include 3 or 4 villages and make it a beat for women gendarmes / police chiefs. They should visit the area twice a week and note the problems faced by the women and then solve them with the help of senior officers. Women cops will also publicize government programs that benefit women, ”Singh said.
“Now, with the responsibility to fight, female constables will feel empowered like their male counterparts,” Singh said. Singh said “kakshas” (rooms) of the Shakti Mission are being opened in Panchayat Bhawans, where female police officers will meet survivors of heinous crimes from the past three years and find out if they have obtained justice. If the defendants run away, the female cops will inform the senior officers to ensure the accused’s arrest as soon as possible.
Another measure taken within the framework of the Shakti Mission is the weekly care of single mothers and the elderly by the women’s assistance desks in police stations, both in urban and rural pockets.
She said that on CM’s instructions, the female cops will also coordinate with other government agencies to rehabilitate mentally ill women / men wandering through bus and train stations and markets.

Mara R. Wilmoth