Modi rushes to follow Priyanka Gandhi

Addressing those on stage with her brother Rahul Gandhi (who lost the seat from Lok Sabha to Smriti Irani in 2019) on stage, she told voters: “Yes, we do admit that we have committed crimes. errors, but we’ll fix them. . But we will never give up on you because you have given love and support to our family since I was 13, when I used to visit this place with my father Rajiv Gandhi. “

Whether in Moradabad, Rae Bareilly or Amethi, she looks more like an activist than a politician looking for votes for her party.

His tone in most of these gatherings is spiced up with phrases like, “You know we’re on this stage because of you. In fact, you should be here and we should be there for you. “

And then she surprises all the poll analysts when she says, “You know, all of us here on this stage are very well off. Our children go to good schools, our health is taken care of, but we are here thanks to you. Why and for how long should you tolerate leaders who do not work for you. “

Leaving room for her next meeting, she extracted a pledge that they would vote the local congressional candidate who had lost twice.

Some of them are shouting that they would do it for Rahul Gandhi, she said, “No, not for Rahul Gandhi, not even for the candidate for Congress, you have to vote for Congress for the future of your children.”

After her two years of hard work in Uttar Pradesh that wowed hardcore journalists in Lucknow and Kanpur, this writer spoke to someone who admitted that he has never seen a congressional leader work so hard. of his life. Priyanka Gandhi is clearly becoming aggressive in her interaction with the media.

Mara R. Wilmoth