Non-functional CCTV cameras raise concerns for women’s safety | Goa News

Panaji: Non-functioning CCTV cameras in public places – the Mapusa bus stop and the very popular Calangute beach – only empower criminals, said the former chairman of the Women’s Commission of the State, Dr. Pramod Salgaocar.
“Do the authorities stand in solidarity with the criminals or are we buying substandard cameras? Where is the money going? It is disturbing to learn that the CCTV cameras were not working. It’s scary… shouldn’t the authorities check that they are in working order. People feel safe if they know the government is doing its part to protect people, ”she said.
The girl’s father also questioned non-functioning CCTV cameras in public places and asked why they had not been fixed. The CCTV camera system must be made functional for the safety of locals and tourists, especially women, activist Sabina Martins said. “These areas are frequented by tourists and are a hot spot for crime, drugs, etc. We have a large police force with tourist police, anti-drug cell, etc., with agents paid by taxpayer money. If the police are equipped to deal with terrorists, how come they cannot piece together the missing pieces in this case. Where is the oversight mechanism when it is fully at their disposal? said Martins.
On the other hand, CCTV cameras cannot be used just for investigations, the activists said. Such crimes against women, including the crime on Benaulim Beach, will impact the freedom of movement of girls and women in education, work and the pursuit of extracurricular activities, Martins said.
“These incidents will force families to place more restrictions on their daughters who wish to pursue their passions. The government needs to look very seriously at the aspect of women’s safety, ”Martins said.

Mara R. Wilmoth