NSW Government to increase funding for greater safety for women

The New South Wales state government has announced $100 million to fund women’s safety in public places, at home and at work as part of a focus on key social issues affecting women in New South Wales. Separated into three areas, the boost found please stems from domestic violence service providers who need additional support from the Perottet government in the state budget.

With the full budget to be announced on June 21, here are the key areas of women’s safety that should be improved under NSW Government funding.

Domestic violence:

$69 million is for an “integrated support system” for victims of domestic violence. Entitled Safer Pathways, the government will allocate funds to improve case management services, alongside improving police databases used to refer victims to additional support services.

Street safety:

The Perrottet government has pledged to work to reduce street harassment, especially in public spaces after dark, by spending $30 million over the next two years to provide better lighting and more CCTV .

Funding will initially be directed to Paramatta Park and The Rocks, although more spaces in central and rural Sydney will also be included, with these locations to be announced in the coming months.

Work safety:

Greater workplace safety will also be championed as part of the funding, with a $4.8 million boost for a task force set up by Safe Work NSW. This will help employers implement anti-harassment initiatives and programs in their companies.

It should be noted that one in four women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace in Australia, so any effort to improve this area is a step in the right direction for the government.

There are a few notable omissions in funding, the most prescient being long-term housing for women who have been displaced. The NSW state government has not offered any long-term solutions for the problem, and one is often overlooked. However, as the full budget has yet to be announced, this could be included in the official proceedings.

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Mara R. Wilmoth