Police begin probe into women’s safety in Jaipur | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: Jaipur Police have launched a survey to gather feedback from women and girls on vulnerable places where they feel unsafe due to widespread teasing.
DCP (West) Richa Tomar said police run camps where feedback forms are given to women. “The women in the form will tell us about the four places they most fear visiting at any given time, and the reason behind that,” she said, adding that the form also includes information about their other apprehensions. so that the police can take corrective action.
Tomar said a full analysis of these forms will be used to look at steps that can be taken to strengthen security measures like deploying a cop, increasing patrols and surveillance. “We have found that cases of eve-teasing often go unreported. Therefore, we have launched a survey of vulnerable locations to increase our monitoring,” Tomar said.
PCA (Vaishali Nagar) Alok Kumar Saini said that so far, a total of 104 camps have been organized in 14 different police stations in Jaipur (Western) district.
“We’ve received 1,572 feedback forms and teams have spoken to 3,813 women so far,” he said.
“After receiving feedback from women, we began taking action against the Eve teasers under the Police Act, CrPc and IPC sections. In addition, there is now increased vigilance and patrols in places designated by women as dangerous,” said Saini.
Tomar said survey camps will be held in all major locations in the city.

Mara R. Wilmoth