Police officer prepares to educate students on women’s safety | Nagpur News

NAGPUR: Senior Inspector Ashalata Khapre of Wathoda Police Station aims to bring women’s safety and empowerment issues to the doorstep of students, especially those aged 13 to 17, in the coming days in various places in the east of Nagpur.
This week, Khapre and Senior Nandanvan Police Inspector (Senior PI) Mukhtar Sheikh jointly addressed students at KDK Engineering College via digital media. During the webinar, which was attended by approximately 120 students, the two senior officers provided assistance to women and girls in distress at the police stations.
Khapre, who had rescued five girls who had left home after an argument with their parents earlier this month, said young people were “more inclined to make hasty decisions” that undermine their well-being.
“We observe that 13-17 year olds fall prey to various attractions on social networks. Our goal was to educate these young girls, for whom the outside world is full of traps, ”said Khapre, who during the webinar with engineering students spoke about threats of human trafficking and racketeering in the trade. flesh.
She also said that any girl or woman who leaves home or runs away with her Facebook / Instagram friend just on the basis of a few days of chatting and walks 200-300 miles away is a recipe for disaster.
Besides young girls, Khapre also spoke about the plight of married women, who are often victims of domestic violence and abuse. “Women need to file a complaint and the cops will certainly look into the real grievances,” she said, adding that the enactment of the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offenses Act 2012 helped police take tough action. , but we must pay attention to their safety and security.
Speaking to TOI, Khapre said all desolate and vulnerable places are being patrolled and monitored according to the instructions of Town Police Chief (CP) Amitesh Kumar and joint CP Aswati Dorje. “Nandanvan senior PI and I plan to visit more schools and other educational institutions to raise awareness of women’s safety,” she said.
Sheikh also said that they aimed to educate young girls about safety issues and safety measures.
During his interaction with engineering students, Sheikh motivated them to stay strong and positive, and to “not give in to suicidal thoughts.”

Mara R. Wilmoth