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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday highlighted the contribution of police personnel and said that the female police force is becoming role models for thousands of girls in India.

Addressing the nation during the 82nd edition of his monthly radio show ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Modi cited statistics from the Bureau of Police Research and Development which showed that over the years In recent years, the number of women in the police force has doubled.

“In 2014, when their number was close to 1.5 lakh, in 2020 it more than doubled and this number has now reached 2.15 lakh. Even in the central armed police forces, the number of women has almost doubled in the last seven years. And I’m not just talking about numbers. Today, the country’s girls perform even the most difficult tasks with all their strength and zeal, “Prime Minister Modi said.

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He further added that the presence of women in the security personnel naturally instills a sense of confidence among the population, especially women.

“They naturally feel connected with the female security personnel. Due to the sensitivity of women, people tend to trust them more. These policewomen also become role models for thousands of other girls in the country,” said the Minister. Prime Minister.


Prime Minister Modi also praised the health workers for their “hard and tireless work” on the success of the vaccine. As India crossed the 100 crore vaccine mark on October 22, PM Modi called it the result of the hard work of lakhs of health workers. He expressed his gratitude to all Indians “who have given such high successes to the ‘Vaccine-free for all’ campaign”.

“Our health workers, through their tireless efforts and determination, have set a new example, they have set a new benchmark in the service of humanity through innovation and determination. There are countless examples of them which show how they cleared all obstacles and provided a security shield to the maximum number of people, “Prime Minister Modi said in his address on Sunday.

Expressing the firm belief that after 100 crores of Covid-19 vaccinations, the country is moving forward with new energy, Prime Minister Modi said: “I am aware of the capabilities of the people of my country. I knew that our health workers would leave no stone unturned to vaccinate their compatriots. The success of our vaccination program shows India’s capacity to the world, ”he added.


Prime Minister Modi underlined how a delegate from India opposed the draft United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was inscribed as “All men are created equal” in 1947-48, then he was then written in the Universal Declaration – “All human beings are created equal”.

“This was in keeping with India’s centuries-old tradition of gender equality. Did you know that Smt. Hansa Mehta was the delegate who made this possible? At the same time, another delegate, Lakshmi Menon, strongly expressed her point of view on the issue of gender equality. And not only that, in 1953 Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit became the first woman president of the United Nations General Assembly, ”Prime Minister Modi said.

He further praised the role of women in the growing influence and power of the United Nations.

“India signed the United Nations Charter in 1945 before independence. Today, October 24, “United Nations Day” is celebrated. Today, when the UN was established, India joined in. A unique aspect related to the United Nations is that the power of women in India has played a big role in increasing the influence and power of the United Nations, “Prime Minister Modi said.


Speaking about the new drone policy, Prime Minister Modi said that one of the things that captures people’s imaginations is the use of drones in India and how young people and the startup world are. very interested in this topic.

“The drone industry was filled with too many restrictions and regulations. That has changed in recent times. The new drone policy is already showing excellent results. India is one of the first countries in the world to prepare registrations. digital land in his villages with the help of drones, ”Prime Minister Modi said.

The Prime Minister asserted that the government has redefined the definition of drone technology which is no longer limited to military combat.

“In addition to infrastructure, we are now using this technology for agriculture and the supply of Covid-19 vaccines. India is working on the use of drones for transport, whether for the delivery of goods to home or emergency assistance or law enforcement. Soon, drones will be deployed for all these needs. Previously, so many rules, laws and restrictions were imposed in this industry that it was not even possible to use the actual capacity of the drone, ”Prime Minister Modi said.

In an effort to change mindsets and embrace new trends, the government introduced a new drone policy on August 25 this year.

“This policy was made based on present and future perspectives related to drone technology. We want to be a leader in drone technology. To do this, the government is taking all possible measures. I also urge the country’s youth to think about taking advantage of the opportunities created after the drone policy and come forward, ”Prime Minister Modi said.

He added that after the introduction of this policy, many foreign and domestic startups have invested in drone startups. The army, navy and IAF have placed orders of over Rs 500 crore to Indian companies for drones.

Prime Minister Modi also remembered the brave warrior, Bhagwan Birsa Munda, whose birthday falls on November 15, and paid tribute to Sardar Patel on his birthday.

“On October 31, we celebrate Rashtriya Ekta Divas. Let us all join in activities that contribute to national unity. Sardar Patel said that we must be united to prosper and that this message must resonate with the people of the country, “Prime Minister Modi said.

Meanwhile, with October painted in festival and Diwali tones around the corner, Prime Minister Modi urged citizens to buy local produce.

“Shopping means ‘VOICE FOR LOCAL’. If you buy local, your festival will also be illuminated, and the house of a poor brother or sister, craftsman or weaver will also be illuminated. I’m sure the campaign which we all started together will be stronger this time around during the festivals. Also share the local products you buy there on social media. Also inform those around you, ”said the Prime Minister.

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