PT XL Axiata Tbk: Supporting women’s leadership, more private companies encourage female employees to reach leadership level

Jakarta, November 17, 2021.The Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Welfare of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemen PPPA), PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) and the Association of Indonesian Women Entrepreneurs (IWAPI), through of the G20 Empower Indonesia alliance, continue to encourage women’s leadership in the public and private sectors. They hope that there will be more opportunities for female employees to sit at the leadership level as long as they have the right skills and competencies. The call was launched during the 2nd series of webinars on “The Importance of Developing Opportunities and Career Paths for Women” on Thursday (11/11).

Director and CEO of Strategic Transformation Information of XL Axiata, who is also Indonesia Chairperson in G20 EMPOWER, Yessie D. Yosetya said: “Based on the Global Gender Gap Report 2021, the posts world leaders are currently occupied by only about 27% women. Therefore, it is important that the private and public sectors strengthen the process of developing a female talent pool and reduce the potential obstacles that may arise. “

According to Yessie, the management of XL Axiata believes that the diversity of talents is necessary. Equality is an absolute principle in the business environment, including in terms of equal opportunities for all employees in the development of professional careers. In addition, based on research, the presence of women in company management positions will increase the productivity and performance of the company as well as increase loyalty to the company. Therefore, gender equality at XL Axiata becomes the policy and agenda of the company.

The management of XL Axiata has also initiated several programs to encourage female employees to pursue careers up to management positions. The recruitment process for special mentoring programs for talented women who have great potential to enhance their careers continues to be kept in balance. The results of the gender equality policy at XL Axiata have produced positive results.

Currently there are two women in leadership positions, namely Dian Siswarini as Managing Director and CEO of XL Axiata and Yessie herself as Director and Chief Information Officer on XL Axiata Strategic Transformation. In addition, 30% of management positions are held by women.

Meanwhile, Ferry Ardiyanto, Deputy Deputy for Multilateral Economic Cooperation at the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs as Co-Sherpa G20 Indonesia, finds that more and more companies are aware of the priority of gender equality. to encourage inclusion, while increasing productivity and profitability, as well as ensuring the sustainability of human resources, especially in managerial positions.

“One of the real benefits of gender equality felt by many companies that implement it is the creation of quality human resources who are then able to optimize the performance of the company”, added Ferry.

This webinar is a continuation of the first series held on September 30, 2021 and is part of a series of agendas welcoming the implementation of the “Indonesia G20 Presidency 2022”, in which Indonesia will also hold the chairmanship of the G20 Empower. Alliance.

Indonesian Business Coalition for the Empowerment of Women (IBCWE) Executive Director and G20 Empower Indonesia advocates Maya Juwita revealed that since its inception in December 2016, IBCWE has succeeded in increasing the number of its members from 8 initially to currently a total of 28 companies, the majority of which are large companies in Indonesia. Maya hopes more businesses will realize the importance of gender equality and women’s empowerment in Indonesia.

One of the assessment goals for IBCWE member companies is how the company applies gender equality to the training process and to the development of the talent pool in the work environment. This coalition should reach more companies, not only large but also medium and lower ones in terms of number of employees so that it is easier to apply the principle of gender equality.

Lucia Karina, director of public affairs and sustainability communications at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP) as well as the G20 Empower Indonesia Advocates, revealed that up to 29.6% of women workers have held several strategic positions at CCEP Indonesia. According to her, women workers’ leadership continues to develop through a series of activities with the hope that at least 30% of women workers will be able to occupy strategic positions by 2025 and 40% by 2030.

“In addressing the issue of gender equality at CCEP Indonesia, the company has taken several approaches, especially in terms of salaries and facilities, there is no gap between women and men. In addition, we also invite women to continue to be active in various programs, including opening as many opportunities as possible for women to build a project and allowing them to freely express their ideas. These workers can lead a program that makes them proud, and ownership continues to increase, ”added Lucia.

Meanwhile, Director of Finance and Human Resources (IDX) Risa Effenneta Rustam revealed that gender equality is one of the important goals of her institution. One of the initiatives undertaken is to increase the annual recruitment of female workers. In addition, there is also a talent mapping to increase the occupancy rate of women in managerial positions.

In addition, there is also an employee development program designed for use by IDX employees, including female workers. Equality of opportunities and advantages between women and men is also constantly taken into account. The company also regularly monitors talent data on gender exchanges to ensure equality.

During the Indonesian presidency of the G20 next year, the G20 Empower Indonesia, which is an alliance between the government and the private sector, will address three main themes. First, increase the responsibility of companies in achieving key performance indicators to expand the role of women. Second, to encourage the role of women-owned SMEs as an economic engine. Third, develop and improve women’s resilience and digital skills.

G20 Empower is the G20 Alliance for the Empowerment and Advancement of Women’s Economic Representation which aims to accelerate women’s leadership and empowerment in the private sector. G20 Empower has an inclusive and action-oriented vision with its unique partnership model. G20 Empower is the only G20 entity that brings together more than 60 business leaders and government representatives to achieve a common goal of gender equality.


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Mara R. Wilmoth