Punjab allocates 11.65 billion rupees for women’s development and people’s welfare – Pakistan

LAHORE: The Punjab government has allocated 11.65 billion rupees for women’s development and people’s welfare in the 2022-2023 budget, of which 3.3 billion rupees was earmarked for development programs and 8.35 billion rupees to non-development expenditure. According to the budget documents, the Punjab government has allocated 2.4 billion rupees for the welfare development of the people while 900 million rupees for the women’s development department. The government has shown its intention to close the vast gender gap that exists in society.

“The entire administrative, planning and development apparatus of the province aims to bridge this gap. Gender equality and women’s empowerment are cross-cutting issues for all development policies. By strengthening the institutions concerned and building their capacities, the government aspires to work for the development of women, improving their participation in economic activities, increasing their control over financial resources and reducing gender disparities. in access to education, health and health. jobs,” he added. Therefore, in the 2022-23 fiscal year, the budget allocation model indicated a significant increase in allocation compared to last year’s allocation. Major initiatives to be launched during the financial year included the construction of Women Development Office Complexes, Multi-Purpose Complexes, Working Women’s Hostels and Development Centers at a cost of Rs 937.37 million and the establishment of the Punjab Day Care Fund (PDCF) at a cost of 100 million rupees. Moreover, among other initiatives are the establishment of hostels for working women in rented buildings at a cost of Rs 15 million and the integration of disabled women into the mainstream at a cost of Rs 40 million. The World Bank-supported Girls Outcomes Program for Education Sector Development in Punjab is also an ongoing project, which aims to focus on girls’ education.

Meanwhile, over the next financial year, key government initiatives for the population welfare department included the Punjab Population Innovation Fund at a cost of Rs 2.54 billion, construction of the Population Welfare House at a cost of Rs 1.07 billion; strengthening access to services and management of the family planning program at a cost of Rs 391.65 million, strengthening information on integrated supply chain management at a cost of Rs 882.76 million and pre-martial advice at a cost of Rs 225 million.

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Mara R. Wilmoth