“Reforms for the empowerment of women being introduced”

LAHORE: Punjab’s Finance Minister Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht said that women constitute a large part of the country’s population and that by providing them with equal vocational training and employment opportunities and ensuring their place of employment work, their country’s GDP can be increased by up to 30%.

Addressing the 16th Lahore College Women’s University convocation here on Wednesday, he said the government was introducing reforms at the political level for women’s empowerment and development. The government has ensured the provision of loans, vocational and technical training opportunities and workplace safety for women, as well as the representation of women in the policy-making process in various sectors.

The minister said that women of today are stronger, more educated and more enlightened than women of the past who are able to create opportunities for themselves. The present generation can not only overcome the outdated traditions of the past, but also create new standards.

Expressing his best wishes to the graduates of the university, he said that your last day at the university will always be in the form of a good memory that will stay with you so that you celebrate your victories, defeats, successes and failures as a monument with the conviction that your future life is full of success and joy for you.

Other attendees at the ceremony included the vice-chancellor, the rector’s board of governors, university professors and alumni. Prior to the speech, the VC presented an honorary shield to the Minister.

Responding to questions from media representatives, he said inflation was a global problem and could not be solved only in Pakistan. The government’s job is to bring relief to the people. Under the Ehsas program, financial assistance is provided to low-income families.

Mara R. Wilmoth