Riyadh Forum to strengthen the empowerment of women in cybersecurity

Saudi Gazette report

RIYAD – The National Cybersecurity Authority will organize the Women in Cybersecurity Forum in Riyadh on March 1-2, 2022 with the aim of empowering women in cybersecurity. Several specialists, academics and researchers in the field of cybersecurity will be present at the event.

The forum is part of the authority’s initiatives aimed at empowering women in the field of cybersecurity as well as encouraging women to join the field of cybersecurity, in addition to developing their skills, exchanging experiences and enable them to take up jobs and leadership roles. in this field.

The forum also aims to strengthen the participation of women in cybersecurity and showcase the opportunities available in education and training to qualify them for jobs in cybersecurity fields. The event also aims to achieve professional development and leadership of women in order to increase their professional skills in this field and shed light on the achievements of Saudi women in this sector.

The forum will see the discussion of several topics, including the current state of women’s representation in cybersecurity fields, and review efforts to strengthen national capacities in education and training programs and ways to improve these efforts.

There will also be discussions on employment opportunities and women’s empowerment in cybersecurity leadership by providing specialized vocational training and on-the-job training to acquire skills, in addition to ” Exchange experiences, examine the successes of Saudi women and discuss ways to empower them and strengthen their leadership capacities in cybersecurity.

It should be noted that the forum is part of the achievement of the Authority’s objectives in terms of setting up competent national cyberframes, and strengthening the participation of women in this area in order to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom Vision 2030 as one of the main ingredients for achieving a safe and reliable Saudi cyberspace that promotes growth and prosperity.

Mara R. Wilmoth