Safety for women in bed: police campaign

06:14 PM May 9, 2022

09:07 10 May 2022

Women across Bedfordshire have shared their stories for a video to raise awareness of dangerous male behavior, as part of a force program to create a safer environment across the county.

Project Firefly, which will begin in Bedford before rolling out across the county, includes specialized training for police officers and licensed premises, a social media campaign and an increased police presence.

Chief Inspector Alex House, who is leading the project, said: ‘Predatory behavior has no place in Bedfordshire, and we are taking a stand to stop it.’

The video shares the stories of women experiencing harassment, sexual assault and domestic violence, highlighting the reality of millions of women.

According According to the data, in February this year, violence and sexual offenses were the most reported crimes in areas of Bedfordshire, including Shefford and surrounding areas.

Dee Perkins, Detective Chief Superintendent, explained how cat calls and other crimes that “do not seem serious”, “could indicate that someone is capable of much more dangerous behavior”.

She said: “Sadly some men behave appallingly towards women and girls. Enough is enough – it must stop.

Project Firefly, with the help of the specialist training it provides, aims to target male perpetrators of violence or abuse and focuses on early intervention, particularly in settings such as bars and clubs. .

Beds Police seeks to hold those who behave in an abhorrent manner accountable and to take police action where they can, as well as to encourage those who experience such behavior to come forward, challenge it and speak out against it. report.

Although this campaign focuses on male violence against women and girls, the force said it will continue to tackle all forms of abuse and perpetrators, regardless of gender, and support all victims.

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Mara R. Wilmoth