Singapore Women’s Development White Paper: Sim Ann on Closing the Digital Safety Gap for Women and Girls

The digital safety gap must be closed so women and girls can feel as safe and confident online as they do in real life, said Minister of State for National Development and Foreign Affairs Sim Ann. Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday April 5, she highlighted the work of SG Together Sunlight Alliance for Action (AfA) to tackle online harms targeting women and girls. Since its launch in July 2021, the AfA has conducted a survey to understand the incidence and impact of online harm in Singapore, and engaged over 240 parents and young people to raise awareness of online harm and provide advice to navigate the digital space safely. . He also launched a website on online risks and security tools. The government responded to his calls by introducing codes of practice for internet platforms. The AfA will be rolling out other initiatives in the coming months to help individuals recognize harm online and build a more holistic support system for victims. These include a workshop to equip young people to support peers who may be experiencing harm online, a pilot project to provide counseling intervention to victims and partnerships for public education initiatives. aimed at raising awareness and promoting digital security. She believes Singapore now has a “road map” that is constantly being expanded and refined to build a safer digital future for all.

Mara R. Wilmoth