Stellantis Women’s Leadership Experience Wins Coveted Second Brandon Hall Award

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan., December 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Stellantis Women’s Leadership Experience (WLE) leadership development program recently won a Silver Award for Excellence from the Brandon Hall Group.

  • The silver award obtained in 2021 is in addition to the company’s bronze award obtained in 2020
  • The program seeks to reverse the effect of several societal trends identified in McKinsey & Company’s Women in the Workplace report.
  • Third batch of Stellantis women graduating from the program in October 2021
  • Expanded Methodology to Support Launch of Two New Leadership Programs Focused on Black and Multicultural Employees

This was the second Award of Excellence awarded to the program in the past two years. The program won a Brandon Hall Bronze Award in its first year of eligibility in 2020.

The Brandon Hall Excellence Awards recognize the best organizations that have successfully deployed programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems and tools that have achieved measurable results. The awards attract participants from leading companies around the world.

The WLE seeks to reverse the effect of several societal trends identified in McKinsey & Company’s Women in the Workplace report:

  • That women remain significantly under-represented in the corporate leadership pipeline, even in entry-level positions
  • With each subsequent career stage, the representation of women declines further and women of color face an even more dramatic decline at senior levels.
  • As a result, only one in five senior executives in corporate America is female, and less than one in 30 is a woman of color.

“Sit down and watch these trends manifest in our business and our society is no longer acceptable,” said Teresa thiele, Director, Global Aftermarket, Body & Interior Purchasing and North America operations and co-chair of the Women’s Alliance at Stellantis. “We must continue to tackle these disturbing trends and build on the momentum created by programs like The Women’s Leadership Experience. ”

In 2018, energized by a vision to do something tangible to tackle these trends, a team of motivated members of the company’s Women’s Alliance Business Resource Group rose to the challenge, gained leadership buy-in and focused on l ‘expertise and resources available to develop a development experience.

The result was an eight-month program providing participants with a blend of leadership experiences, including executive coaching, executive sponsor interactions with male and female sponsors, and leadership opportunities.

This robust program was designed to enrich participants’ perspectives on the business, connect with senior leaders, and enhance their individual leadership toolkit.

WLE’s inaugural class ended in October 2019, graduated 24 participants, some of whom have already been promoted in the company.

The program got two additional classes, the most recent having completed the program in October 2021. All three WLE cohorts were successful in their careers, as 86% of applicants have already experienced career growth through promotions or developmental assignments, with better retention.

“Ultimately, this is an exceptional example of how truly empowered people with vision, passion and selflessness can affect meaningful change … change that benefits an entire organization, “said Rob wichman, head of global planning for body-on-chassis vehicles and executive sponsor of the Stellantis Women’s Alliance Business Resource Group.

Stellantis is applying the direction and methodology of the program to launch two additional leadership development initiatives for high potential black and multicultural employee leaders. These programs will start in January 2022.

Stellantis (NYSE: STLA) is a leading automaker and mobility provider in the world, guided by a clear vision to deliver freedom of movement with distinctive, affordable and reliable mobility solutions. In addition to the Group’s rich heritage and broad geographic presence, its greatest strengths lie in its sustainable performance, extensive experience and the diverse talents of its employees working around the world. Stellantis will leverage its extensive portfolio of iconic brands, which was founded by visionaries who instilled a passion and competitive spirit into brands that speaks to both employees and customers. Stellantis aspires to be the biggest, not the biggest, while creating added value for all stakeholders, as well as for the communities in which it operates.

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Mara R. Wilmoth