The University’s Women’s Leadership Council promotes opportunities for development and engagement

Dedicated to creating meaningful opportunities for student growth, networking and support, the Women’s Leadership Council looks forward to supporting new experiences through the organization’s recently established philanthropy fund.

October 6, 2021

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Josephine Moran ’01 MS, ’19 EMBA speaks at a Women’s Leadership Council event at the University in early 2020.

Josephine Moran ’01 MS, ’19 EMBA believes her time as a student at New Haven University has opened many doors, and she is passionate about creating similar opportunities for current and future students. This is exactly what she does as co-chair of the University’s Women’s Leadership Council.

The WLC was first conceived when Moran was appointed Chair of the Pompea College of Business Advisory Board in 2018. Moran, who is now co-chair of the WLC and a member of the university’s board of governors, calls for her continued involvement with The University is an “honor and a privilege”.

“The WLC is made up of a very diverse and distinguished group of women leaders from all walks of life,” said Moran, president of JM Fit for Life. “We are all very proud to make a difference for the students of the University. ”

Committed to the empowerment of women, the WLC strives to help women reach their full potential by uplifting undergraduate and graduate students at the University and strengthening their bonds. It is now broadening its scope, striving to have an even greater impact on students through the Women’s Leadership Council Philanthropy Fund. The goal is to raise $ 15,000 with Moran and Sarita Chakravarthi ’92 MS matching all contributions up to $ 7,500.

“The Philanthropy Fund is seeking support to provide transformational leadership development opportunities to future women leaders,” said Brian Kench, Ph.D., Dean of the University’s Pompea College of Business. “The Fund will support an innovative small grants program that will sponsor leadership development from all over New Haven University.”

Image of the Women as Leaders event in 2019.
Josephine Moran ’01 MS, ’19 EMBA (right) at a ‘Women as Leaders’ event in 2019.
“We provide a platform for students and faculty members”

The WLC, which focuses on areas such as development opportunities, networking, professional exploration and growth, hopes to award up to $ 3,000 in grants each December to support local leadership development and enhance performance. University legacy of service.

The Philanthropy Fund will support programming for students, and students, faculty and / or staff can submit small grant proposals for leadership development funding. A subgroup of the WLC will review the applications and determine which proposals to fund and at what level. The fund will continue to support leadership development as it grows and develops.

“It takes the engagement to the next level,” Moran said. “Board members help raise funds and then determine who gets the funds. Students – whether they receive funding or not – will learn leadership skills throughout the process. Through the Philanthropy Fund, we hope that the WLC will have the capacity to support many other student-created leadership initiatives, thereby supporting even more of the student body.

Striving to inspire future leaders, the WLC focuses on promoting and celebrating the impact of women. Moran hopes that by taking the WLC to the next level, they will create new opportunities for students through their important initiatives.

“In order to cultivate women’s leadership and philanthropy as well as expand the reach of the WLC, we provide a platform for students and faculty members to create initiatives that promote women’s leadership and provide funding for support the growth of initiatives, ”said Moran. “Our goal is to provide support, advocacy, exposure and funding to the groups whose proposals are selected. ”

Those interested in learning more about or supporting the Women’s Leadership Council Philanthropy Fund can Click here.

Mara R. Wilmoth