The Women’s Development Group shares their aspirations for women’s cycling

The first meeting had some interesting discussions, including what the group would change if they had a magic wand they could use to make things better:

Kris Kumari Girls need to be empowered by creating a safe place to not only cycle to be active, but to feel like a place to share and chat and be supported for their mental well-being

Pauline Capaldi If I had a magic wand, I’d sprinkle feel-good endorphins on women and girls to make them feel what it feels like after a bike ride! I would also like to sprinkle some compassion, patience and understanding on other road users to appreciate the challenges of cycling on our roads.

Kirsteen Durkin My magic wand would hold buckets of trust and remove our fear factor. It doesn’t matter if we’re first or last as long as we move forward. I would also empower all of us to put ourselves, our own health and well-being first to help us all get outside and on our bikes more often. If the feel-good factor of being active was a pill, it would be prescribed to all of us – it’s on our doorstep, so let’s go and get a free dose. (I would also make sure everyone had access to a good quality bike and great padding!).

Amy Hickman My “magic wand” would be for women to allow themselves to take time for themselves to cycle without having the “guilt” of having other priority responsibilities.

Fiona Walker If I had a magic wand I would give women and girls the confidence to compete in cycling events

Leanne Whitehead If I had a magic wand, I would make bikes much more affordable! I don’t like the disparity we have on our kids’ workout classes with some kids riding bikes that cost 10 times other bikes. I would even go so far as to have free bikes for everyone!

Ashley Armstrong My “spell” would magically erase the conscious and unconscious bias that exists towards women in cycling – especially in the bmx and mtb disciplines. My own negative internal beliefs coupled with the attitudes of others have made participating in BMX difficult over the years (both recreationally and competitively). Although I see growth and improvements, society’s expectations of women still create unnecessary pressure on those who want to start or progress in sport.

Katie May If I had a magic wand, I’d sprinkle in some extra time for everyone. We all lead busy lives, so a little extra time would be helpful! Time to play on the bike and time to get out and ride with family, friends or just ourselves. Yes please!

Diane Maciver If I had a magic wand, I would buy a stash of bikes that I could give away to people who don’t have their own bike to enjoy the fun of cycling and the health benefits it brings.

Although unfortunately we don’t currently have a magic wand, there are some great ideas and suggestions here which tie into some of the opportunities and support already offered by Scottish Cycling, including Breeze rides for women, free bikes for kids through Rock Up N Ride, Scottish cycling clubs and events, and information to help you get started or progress in your cycling.

Click here for the last minutes of the group.

For more information about the work of our Women’s Development Group, and to contact us if you have any suggestions on how we can help you achieve any of the above wishes, email : [email protected]

Mara R. Wilmoth