This is how women’s safety is ensured by Indian states, India

The main agenda of every Indian state these days is to keep women safe. Considering the fact that many women are opting for solo travel, it has become a major goal for the government to protect them. In fact, significant changes are being made in the travel and hospitality industry to achieve the same goal. A number of Indian states are female-friendly and do their best to make these places perfect.

The taken procedures:

Tourist boards in several states have set up women-only taxi services. In addition, CCTV surveillance has been reinforced at all major tourist hotspots. Moreover, hotels also hire female staff in jobs related to the tourism sector. Backpacker hostels, where people usually have to share rooms, are also planning to introduce private rooms with attached toilets, especially for women travellers. These hotels also offer a
no alcohol Politics.

A few safety measures for women that are worth mentioning:

1) Madhya Pradesh (MP) plans to hire 5000 female guides, taxi drivers, hotel staff.

2) Government of Uttarakhand trains women from remote areas to assist female travelers visiting the state.

3) Maharashtra is also offering a women centered policy to attract more female travellers.

4) Karnataka has female taxi drivers.

5) Goa has a number of female taxi drivers to make female tourists feel safe.

The deputy’s tourism department had sent out a proposal to make the state a safe destination for women. The state has applied for a fund of INR 28 crore under the Nirbhaya scheme. It includes training 10,000 women in skills development and around 40,000 in self-defence.

Mara R. Wilmoth