TİKA supports women’s empowerment projects in Colombia – Colombia

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has implemented two projects for the empowerment of Colombian women in different parts of the country in cooperation with the Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Colombia and the High Presidential Council for women’s equality.

Through the High Presidential Council for Women’s Equality, the Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Colombia supports the development and design of national programs aimed at improving the quality of life of Colombian women, especially low-income and vulnerable women.

An agricultural processing plant was built in Santa Rosalía as part of the first project implemented by TİKA, the Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Colombia and the Presidential High Council for Women’s Equality. Under the second project, computer classrooms were built in five women’s shelters in different parts of the country to create opportunities for women nationwide and help women enter a profession.

The objective of the Santa Rosalía Agricultural Processing Plant Project was to build an agro-industrial plant in the municipality for “plantain” products, which is a staple food in the region due to its high consumption per inhabitant. Most of the women who live in Santa Rosalía and are vulnerable, are the breadwinners or have been victims of domestic violence are employed in the factory. The project aims to provide meaningful support to this socially disadvantaged group.

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the agricultural processing factory project, Fernando Martínez, Mayor of Santa Rosalía, said: “Thanks to this factory, we will be able to help women in our region enter a profession. In addition, we will help create employment opportunities directly or indirectly to provide secondary income to all agricultural producers, especially plantain producers. This is a very important transformation and added value initiative for our region.

As part of the Women’s Shelter project, computer classrooms were built in women’s shelters in Tunja, Montería, Envigado, Ibagué and Inírida in 2021.

The project aims to train beneficiaries to protect themselves from abuse and mistreatment by helping them improve their capacities, build their self-confidence, be part of productive leadership strategies and gain economic independence.

During the opening ceremony of Tunja Women’s Shelter, Alejandro Fúneme, Mayor of Tunja, thanked TİKA for their support and explained the importance of the project for them, saying, “For decades, we have unfortunately been facing issues of gender inequality. and violence against women, which has silently taken the light away from many women. We all have a duty to strive to change this situation. We have the power to make it happen. One of the steps in this change is the construction of these women’s shelters, which will offer well-being and give hope to all women who need support, shelter and a safe environment. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Republic of Turkey and TİKA for supporting this project.

Claudia Liliana Hurtado, one of the beneficiaries, said: “I am grateful for your support of Women’s Shelter because the training we will receive here will help us to enter a profession. This is a great opportunity and support for all women in our region.

Mara R. Wilmoth